Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fat Face Scarf

I'm not a big scarf person really but when I saw this one in Fat Face I immediately wanted it.
Its an infinity scarf with two separate prints on it.
It was quite expensive at £18 but I couldn't not buy it!
Its so soft and is going to be great for Spring/Summer.
Harriet x 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Rose Gold Cuff

I was so excited to see this in H&M (Trafford Centre, Manchester).
Rose gold is definitely my weakness.
It cost £3.99 and is totally worth it!
Now my MK rose gold watch has a little friend.

Harriet x

I love you Ikea

So I dragged Mick to Manchester Ikea on Saturday since I had my eye on a few things. 
First off is the bed linen - 'Emelina Knopp' priced at £10.99 (cheap as chips).  I love it, so fresh and dainty.
The second is 'Hol' which is the wooden box priced at £15.99. I needed more storage as well as something to prop my mirror up and thus thing does the trick.

I'm so happy with my purchases and I really do love Ikea.
Harriet x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

DIY: Ombre Hair from Blonde

So I bit the bullet and dyed my hair ombre from blonde and I am super pleased.

To start with I was getting so bored with my constant roots and had been contemplating dying it ombre for a while. So today I plucked up the courage and drove to Boots to get me some hair dye. I chose the Clairol Nice'n Easy foam dye in 7 Dark Blonde. Since I thought that this would match my roots/natural hair colour the most.

I started off by sectioning my hair and decided I would dye my top layers first (which I did). I left the dye on for 20 minutes. I then proceeded to 'lightly' dye the mid lengths of my bottom layers. I only left the dye on for about 7 minutes and quickly hopped in the shower. Since I wanted to achieve the gradient look! 
I washed it with the conditioner supplied and let it air dry.

I love having a new hair colour or style, its quite refreshing!
What do you guys think?
Harriet x

P.S. Here's my video showing you how I did it!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Mac. Naked Lunch & Satin Taupe

Swatches (Satin Taupe (left) Naked Lunch (right))

If I remember correctly these two e/s were the first ones I purchased from Mac.
They both are gorgeous and compliment each other well.
For everyday looks I usually have Naked Lunch as a wash over my lids since its quick and simple to do.
Whereas if I'm going out for dinner etc I will add Satin Taupe to my crease just to add depth.
Mac eye shadows in general last me ages so in my opinion they are definitely worth the investment.

Harriet x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mac Ladyblush

 Mac Ladyblush Cremeblush

I've had this little treasure for quite a while (and seemed to have made quite a mess of it!).
Its a gorgeous pink colour which gives a nice flush to the cheeks when applied.
The texture is nice and smooth and easy to work with.
I have very dry skin so cream blushes are great for this.
I apply it with either my fingers or my Mac 188 brush.

What do you guys think to Macs cream blushes?
Harriet x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mac Optimistic Orange

Mac Optimistic Orange Cremeblush

I've seen this on quite a few blogs and I really liked the colour of it. I didn't intend to buy it but today I was in town and I popped to my local Mac counter in Debenhams. I swatched it on my hand, 'ummm' and 'arrr' about it and left the shop to have a think. When I was outside I couldn't stop looking at my hand, the colour was gorgeous. I pootling around Zara and I came to the decision that yes I did indeed want it.

I went back to Mac and asked the mua if there was any left and she said yes but only a couple, (hooray).
So I left with my new little blusher.

One of the reasons that I wanted this was because I don't actually own anything like it. 
The colour and formula is great and I seriously can't wait to wear this when I have a tan.

What do you guys think to it?
Harriet x

Haul. Mint Green Tops & Cream Cotton Jumpers

I've been wanting mint green in my wardrobe for so long, so today in town I decided I would hunt something down. For the love of God I could not find anything anywhere which was suitable. Although Topshop did do some nice basics in blue and pink which I really wanted (maybe next time). 

I popped into H&M and walked all the way around on the hunt but tbh the stock was pretty boring. I came across this little number which someone had put on a rail. I tried it on and it is a big 12 and long but I put my belt around it and it looked awesome. So I snapped it up there and then. Happyhappyhappy.

Next is the cream cotton jumper from Zara. I saw this and had to try it on. Its really well made and was only £17.99 which was fantastic. Since I have bought the ones in Topshop which are similar, half the quality and cost £26! Robbed.

I really can't wait to wear these, the colours really cheer me up!
Harriet x

Friday, 16 March 2012


Here are a few things that I'd love to get my hands on...

1. Mac Blushes. More specifically Frankly Scarlet, Ambering Rose, Salsa Rose, Harmony, Dollymix, & Trace Gold.

2. ASOS Aviators  - I think these look cool, the metal is rose gold.

3. Rose Metallica Fiji Bracelet - I really want more rose gold jewellery, I just loved it.

4. Jack Wills Boyfriend Shirt - No way would I pay full price for these things, its just ridiculous. Instead I've been prying on Ebay trying to get a good deal.

7. Essie Cute as a Button

8. Essie Mint Candy Apple

9. Nike Reax Run 6 Ladies - I need some new work out shoes and these look quite nifty. 

Mac Face and Body Foundation

This foundation is utterly amazing. 

I had to wanted to try it for ages, I mean like a year, but always put off ordering one. I bought my bottle back in November 2011 when I went to London. It is only sold in free-standing Mac stores so I jumped at the chance when I was in Carnaby Street. The mua put it on me and I knew there and then I HAD to get it.

Its around the £25 mark but in my eyes it is totally worth since you are getting 120ml (typical foundations are 30ml). So this bad boy will last you forever.

My shade is C2 if you guys were wondering. Its a smidge darker than my pale face atm but its perfect for when I use my face tanner. It really doesn't matter if this isn't a perfect match to your skin. Since it just blends right in. No big orange streaks.

Usually when I wear other foundations I can feel them sitting on my skin and I'm so paranoid that people will notice I am wearing it. However this is not the case with F&B. It honestly feels like a second skin, so light! When its first applied it is very runny, as you can see, but when working into the skin it transforms into a paste and coverage can be built up, which is fantastic!

All in all this is fabulous and I will totally be buying another one when this one runs out 
(without a shadow of a doubt!).

Have you guys tried Mac's F&B?

Harriet x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


So on Saturday Mick and me popped into Wilmslow to have a wander around the charity shops.
I was so pleased to actually pick a few things up, because lately I've left empty handed :[.
Cancer Research did me well!
Here's a video on what I got!
Harriet x

Monday, 12 March 2012


Hello Everyone,
Hope you all had a good weekend, it was nice to get away from stressful uni work and just chill out with my boyf. We had a cheeky Indian on Friday which was scrumptious! Mick decided that I had to go to Costco to experience it. Well I never, that place is mahoosive and pretty amazing. If you don't know what it is its basically a massive warehouse which sells products for a discounted price but you have to have a paid membership. 

Anyways, to cut a long story short, up in my local park they've put in an outside gym so I wanted to get some suitable sports wear. This is where Costco came in. I picked up these Nike leggings and top! Now I just need some training shoes! Pewpew.

Harriet x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My 7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins- Beauty Tag.

Most Expensive Product 
This would have to be my Invisalign since theoretically it is beauty/vanity :)
Least Expensive Product
My little Clinique samples from magazines - I love them!

Products I have a love/hate relationship with
This is definitely eye shadows, I love e/s but I have hooded lids and it just looks silly on me :(

Products hardest to get
The Naked Palette from Urban Decay, had to wait absolutely ages for this!

My most delicious product
I would have to say my little Clarisonic Mia - I just find this such luxury!

Products I neglect due to laziness
My setting powder

Beauty product that gives me the most confidence
My trust MAC Face and Body, love this thing, a true holy grail!

What attributes I find most attractive in the opposite sex
Anybody that looks like Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. I swear every time I look at him my ovaries explode.

I would love most blushes definitely, since e/s don't suit me I need at least some colour on my face!

Harriet x


Here's what I wore to Uni earlier on this week. 
Top (Primark), Riding Pants (H&M), Vans, Michael Kors Watch

Harriet x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Oh Spring

Oh, I couldn't believe the weather we had last week. It was so sunny and warm, it felt like summer. Ted and Basil were on the garden for the first time this year. I decided to dress in much more of a 'springy' way.
I bought this floral top in Primark ages ago, I love it so much, so dainty. I paired it with my grey bodycon skirt from H&M, some brown tights and my brogues. I threw on this crochet cardi from Tescos since its just so girly but still keeps me a little bit warm!
Here's my video:

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Magazine Freebies

So I popped into my local Co-op just to have a nosey at the magazines and I saw that Cosmopolitan had collaborated with Clinique again! I remember last year I got the dramatically different moisturising lotion which I absolutely fell in love with (and will probably buy the full size). This time I opted for the moisture surge. I really wanted to try the little high impact mascara but the mag itself costs £3.50. 

Also, how good does Holly look on the front cover!

This was just a quick heads up! Go out and buy a copy before they all sell out :)