Tuesday, 20 March 2012

DIY: Ombre Hair from Blonde

So I bit the bullet and dyed my hair ombre from blonde and I am super pleased.

To start with I was getting so bored with my constant roots and had been contemplating dying it ombre for a while. So today I plucked up the courage and drove to Boots to get me some hair dye. I chose the Clairol Nice'n Easy foam dye in 7 Dark Blonde. Since I thought that this would match my roots/natural hair colour the most.

I started off by sectioning my hair and decided I would dye my top layers first (which I did). I left the dye on for 20 minutes. I then proceeded to 'lightly' dye the mid lengths of my bottom layers. I only left the dye on for about 7 minutes and quickly hopped in the shower. Since I wanted to achieve the gradient look! 
I washed it with the conditioner supplied and let it air dry.

I love having a new hair colour or style, its quite refreshing!
What do you guys think?
Harriet x

P.S. Here's my video showing you how I did it!


  1. It looks lovely! I've always thought it'd be harder to dye your hair ombre if your hair was blonde to begin with, but you make it look easy.
    I did my friend's a couple of weeks ago and just dyed the ends as her hair was already brown and that was really easy too! x

  2. Hi,

    How do you get your hair to curl/wave like this?


  3. @AbbiDovale you can just braid it the night befor or crimp it with a crimping iron:)

  4. And what did you do a month later with the dark roots?

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