Sunday, 30 September 2012

brb, playing video games!

I have been a very absent blogger this past couple of days. But I do have a very good excuse for that! The new WOW expansion was released earlier this week and well I've been hooked to that pretty much every hour of every day. Whoopsie! But now that I have reached level 90, woohoo I'll get back into blogging/vlogging. Plus I have been on a shopping spree this past weekend. So I have lots of goodies to show y'all :D.
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Monday, 24 September 2012

Belvia Shapewear Slimming Briefs

For some reason most of my weight is deposited onto my butt which can make it look a bit droopy and saggy, not good! So when I had the chance to review these slimming briefs from Belvia I was beyond excited. I have never owned anything like this before so it was all a bit new to me. I recently bought the Belvia Bra (blog post here) & so I was hoping that I would like these briefs as much as the bra.

I decided to get mine in the black and in a size small (10-12). Like I said before my butt is the biggest part of me but my waist in comparison is quite small. The briefs themselves are quite stretchy but supporting at the same time. They pulled my butt up and gave it a much nicer shape. In addition to this the waist part fit really well, evening and flattening out my stomach. 

One thing I would say is that the elastic around the leg holes is quite tight and cut a little into my skin. However, what worked best for me was that I wore tights first and then placed these briefs over the top. The tights gave me a little support and these briefs finished the job off and were really comfortable to wear. 

Oh and one more thing, they keep your core nice and warm too. I was wearing them out at the weekend and only had a thin jumper on and these really helped to fight the cold. :)

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Vponsale Dress Review

Vponsale Dress Review *

I've never owned anything like this before so when I first put the dress on I truly felt like I was a princess or somebody who should be on the red carpet. The dress is the Long Beaded Chiffon Covered Prom Dress (VPW211) from Vponsale and it is absolutely bloody gorgeous. The material is so silky and soft to touch.

   I chose the colour navy blue since it looked so nice on the model. I also decided to have mine custom made. There was an option to purchase the usual size (eg. 10, 12) but I can never rely on those. I had to measure my bust, waist, hip, under bust, height and height with shoes on. Measuring can be a little tricky but it is worth it in the end because then you get a dress with the proper fit!

The bust part of the dress is nice and padded and gives support so I wouldn't bother wearing a bra with it. Maybe just some nipple stickers :P.

I really like the sequin and diamante detail. It's done really well, simple and classic, not all bling bling in your face.

The lower part of the dress has 3 pieces of fabric. This gives it a beautiful shape and when you walk the material flows rather nicely. Also there is a slit up the middle so this makes walking a lot easier and there's not chance of tripping over.

It took 20 days in total to make the dress and for it to land on my doorstep which I think is fantastic. 

The back of the dress is stunning. I love the cross over detail, it's so elegant and eyecatching. I really cannot wait to wear this dress out.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

22nd Birthday Wishlist

Its now less than a month till my birthday and I've been thinking of what products/items I would like.

1. Paco Rabanne Lady Million. My Mum had this as a tester and everytime she walked into my room she smelt amazing. I kept on asking her what it was and she said Lady Million. I love sweet scents, Chanel Chance & Chloe being my favourite, so I think this perfume would suit me rather well.

2. ASOS Belt. I've seen this on quite a few bloggers/vloggers and I think it looks really cool. I tend to wear really baggy tops with leggings but sometimes it can look a bit frumpy. So I was thinking this belt would cinch me in but at the same time add an edgy look.

3. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses with Polarised Lens. I've always wanted a pair of Ray-Bans and this style has to be my favourite. The aviators are far too flimsy for what they cost. At least the Wayfarer are more substantial.

4. Topshop Coat. I'm in dire need of a new winter coat. I think the last one I bought was when I was 16, yikes! This one from Topshop just looks so warm and comfy and would go with pretty much any outfit. I needs it.

5. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation. This is suppose to be a fabulous foundation with a natural dewy finish. It just screams luxury. I think this would be a nice change to my Mac Face and Body. Plus it would look so sexy standing on my chest of drawers.

6. Real Techniques Core Collection. I'm lusting after the buffing and contouring brush from this kit. Once again another cult beauty product I have yet to get my hands on. After getting the blush brush I want to expand my collection. 

7. Office Boots. I've never owned any riding/knee high boots which I think is funny because in the UK our winters are so cold and icy that a pair of these would come in really handy. I don't think I would ever take these off.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Belvia Bra Review

Belvia Bra Review £13~

I see adverts for this bra all the time on TV about how fantastic it is. Well for me personally I bloody hate wearing bra's, I think they're super uncomfortable and just annoying little contraptions. So when I saw this in Asda at the weekend I wanted it straight away. 

I decided to get mine in black and a size small. I prefer black underwear as I think they suit me more. Just one little note, the bra is kind of a little see through, so just don't go walking around the house with only this on! I know that the bra looks a little bit granny-ish but I couldn't care less. I don't want to look sexy haha, so my boyfriend will just have to deal with it!

As for the fit I won't lie it is super comfortable and gives my chest a lovely shape. It does give me support but I'm only a 34C, whereas if you were a bigger cup size I think you would be struggling. I thought that the elastic at the bottom would be too tight, but it isn't in the slightest. I also use this as my work out bra. 

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Monday, 17 September 2012

The Truth about Poundland and Stila

The Truth about Poundland and Stila

I've just watched Dispatches: The Secret of Poundland and something that they showed was rather disturbing...

Through the blogging community I read/heard that Poundland had started to stock Stila cosmetics. For only £1 that was a fantastic deal. I even went into a few Poundlands to buy some, but they either didn't have any or the products that they were selling were not suitable for me (eg. too light/dark). But thank goodness I didn't waste my money on it. 

In the programme, the investigation team contacts Stila. Stila comes back and said that the products they are selling ceased manufacture 8 years ago. Which means that these cosmetics are ancient! Also Stila said that they had no idea how Poundland found these products to sell in the first place. I think this is rather alarming, so that's why I've shot upstairs to write this post! 

Here's the Channel 4 link, the Stila section is in the second half of the programme. 
It will be released on 4OD to watch soon.

weekend haul


Here's what I've bought over the past weekend :D.
The floral leggings are from H&M. I love the colour and feel of them. I think they will be rather pretty for Autumn. I also bought my first ever Real Techniques brush. I decided to get the blush brush (£9.99) to go with my new Benefit Hoola. And I couldn't be any more happier. They go hand in hand with one another! I definitely want more brushes from the range. 

These shoes are wedged trainers from > ASOS <, they are actually on sale now so if you like them go buy.
I've seen this style on so many blogs and I just needed them in my life. They were a little weird feeling at first  but soon got use to them. :)

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hair Update - Growing Out a Pixie Cut?

Long Hair

This is how my hair use to look before I had it cut short. The left picture is me with just long blonde hair and the right one is me with ombre hair. I really do miss that now!

Short Blonde Hair 
Short Brown Hair
 Here's my current hair inspiration... I love the length and the subtle ombre. 
I talk more about my plans in the video ^_^
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Piercings I Want

I love piercings and it's around this time that I seem to get a new one. I had to take my rook out because it was such a pain in the butt, it didn't heal even after nearly 12 months! I personally think my right ear just doesn't like to have metal in it, whereas my left ear heals up really quickly, strange O_O.

Anyways, I was browsing through Tumblr the other night and came across these two pictures. Hayden looks gorgeous with her helix done, so does Caggie from Made in Chelsea. But everyone seems to have that piercing so then I saw the forward helix. And I think this one will be perfect. I just cannay wait to get it done.

I also like the stretched lobe too. Not the ones which are the size of dinner plates, that's just wrong. But I like the look of little tunnels, so I might have a go at that, I've heard its painful, eek!

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - The Beginning

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - The Beginning

I picked up 2 tubs of this stuff last week since it was on offer. I have actually used the growth treatment previously and did a blog post on it (but its old and rubbish!). But I thought I would document my hair growth and see how I feel about it this time around. Since I have shorter hair this time, the product will last me much longer, which is nice since the tubs are a little on the small side.

I thought it would be best to straighten my hair first and brush it. As you can see my fringe comes down to my eyeballs and is rather irritating! I'm trying to grown the top layers out so that eventually it will be all one length at the bottom, if you get me.

I still do like my rapidly growing pixie cut but I'm getting a little bored. There's not much you can do with it and I miss my ombre. I think the next part of my hair mission is to grow it with the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment. Remove the artifical dye and go back to my natural hair colour. Because when it grows through it's a really nice cool dark blonde. Then I might ombre it again when it reaches my shoulders!

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

weekend in Abersoch

I've been in Abersoch for the last few days, which has been fun. We took the boat out both Friday and Saturday and made the most of the nice weather. Its the end of the season now, and autumn is fast approaching, so our outings are numbered. The island in the first picture is owned by Bear Grylls', when we were younger we used to jump off it!

On Friday we saw both dolphins and seals. I couldn't get a shot of the dolphins because they are so quick and only out of the water for a few seconds (I did get footage a few weeks ago so I will leave that blog post > here <). One dolphin was feeding and catching mackerel, which I've never seen before. The seals were on the tudwel's just chilling. They are so cute and inquisitive! 

We also did a bit of trolling (fishing) around Ceriad and caught some fresh mackerel. Which we later had for our dinner. You just can't beat it, so scrummy :).

Abersoch Harbour and Boat Yard

Warm Fires

On Saturday we went out again in the boat and did some swimming. The water was bloody freezing so good job I had my wet suit with me!

I love this place. Everything about it...
The sea, the beaches, the wild life, the many many memories over the past 2 decades. <3

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Essie 'Ballet Slippers'

Essie 'Ballet Slippers'

Ballet Slippers is a pale milky pink colour which is perfect for you if you like simplistic nails like me. 
It makes your fingers look very polished and clean, great for work/school/events. 

The polish is very sheer and is quite streaky when first applied. It takes 4 coats to build the opacity up. This is not as tasking as one might think. Make sure you do thin even coats, easily achieved with the wide brush, and it will dry quickly. (Note: when I tried to put it on too thickly, many air bubbles formed and it looked atrocious, so I had to take it off and start again). 
In all honesty, it might take a while to achieve your desired colour but it is well worth it. 
I've had it on all weekend and have been boating/fishing and my nails are still in good condition with just one small chip.

I can't wait to try some more Essie polishes out! Any recommendations?
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Thursday, 6 September 2012

another thrifty find

 So this is my other thrifty find! It's a real leather jacket, woohoo! I've been wanting a black one for a while and this little number just happened to come along. I purchased it in Cancer Research for £10. It's a small and fits really well, it's lined and has a faux fury collar. I know for a fact I'm going to wear it to death.

I always like to wash clothing items I get from charity shops just so I know they're clean. But because this is real leather it said dry clean only. So I asked our local dry cleaners how much it would be and they said £35! They must be having a giraffe. So I put some washing powder in a bowl of warm water and wiped the collar and the inside. The jacket wasn't dirty at all and is in really good condition but know I have peace of mind. 

I can't wait until the next time I stumble across a hidden treasure!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

a thrifty find

 Brand New French Connection Purse

I went thrift/charity shopping at the weekend, with my boyfriend, in Knutsford and Wilmslow. I've found that these little towns are some of the best places to go thrift shopping. Since the areas are quite up market so there's lots of gems to be found.

I also find that Cancer Research has the best stuff, probably because it's such a well known charity that people want to give more too.

 I found this brand new French Connection purse in a glass display and I knew I wanted it. It's a lovely nude colour and made out of soft faux leather. My current purse is quite old and shabby. Plus its a nightmare when I'm trying to find something in it! 
I paid £7 for it, which I thought was great since it was BNWT :D.
I've already filled it up with my junkalunk.

Oh and I also have another amazing find that I will show you!