Monday, 24 September 2012

Vponsale Dress Review

Vponsale Dress Review *

I've never owned anything like this before so when I first put the dress on I truly felt like I was a princess or somebody who should be on the red carpet. The dress is the Long Beaded Chiffon Covered Prom Dress (VPW211) from Vponsale and it is absolutely bloody gorgeous. The material is so silky and soft to touch.

   I chose the colour navy blue since it looked so nice on the model. I also decided to have mine custom made. There was an option to purchase the usual size (eg. 10, 12) but I can never rely on those. I had to measure my bust, waist, hip, under bust, height and height with shoes on. Measuring can be a little tricky but it is worth it in the end because then you get a dress with the proper fit!

The bust part of the dress is nice and padded and gives support so I wouldn't bother wearing a bra with it. Maybe just some nipple stickers :P.

I really like the sequin and diamante detail. It's done really well, simple and classic, not all bling bling in your face.

The lower part of the dress has 3 pieces of fabric. This gives it a beautiful shape and when you walk the material flows rather nicely. Also there is a slit up the middle so this makes walking a lot easier and there's not chance of tripping over.

It took 20 days in total to make the dress and for it to land on my doorstep which I think is fantastic. 

The back of the dress is stunning. I love the cross over detail, it's so elegant and eyecatching. I really cannot wait to wear this dress out.

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  1. WOW! You look gorgeous!! Don't know where i'd wear this dress but i love it so much i'd probably just wear it round the house so i never had to take it off haha colour looks amazing on you!

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  2. What a stunning dress, the colour and detail is gorgeous!

  3. Wow, u look so elegant with this beautiful dress. This is my blog!