Sunday, 23 October 2011

What I got for my 21st

I had a great time and everyone was so kind to me. 
So I thought I'd show you the presents I received.
I'm so grateful for all of them I truly felt like a princess!

 1. Michael Kors Watch - 2tone Silver and Rose Gold.

 2. 1890 18ct Gold Knot Ring

 3. Pandora - Single Cream Bracelet and Queenbee Charm

 4. Diamant√© Studs & White Gold Bangle

 5. Evil Eye Bracelet

 6. Silver Bracelet

 7. Paper Weight

8. Office Chelsea Boots


Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hi Guys,
so it was my 21st on Monday! I say Monday it was more like a weekend long celebration.
Me and Ted (the pig) drove over to Mick's on the Friday and we popped to the Trafford Centre to see if he could buy anything for me! We went to Nando's first since I was starvin' marvin'. Then after we just looked around the shops for a few hours. Next we went to Asda and I got a load of haircare stuffs since it was on offer (I'll do a haul on those bad boys). Then we went home and cooked some chops and mash. Then on the Saturday we went out for an Indian which was so yummy.

I of course have Chicken Tikka Masala!
Sunday, I got a full English breakfast in bed. Yummy. Then we just chilled.
I went home on Sunday night and had a Chinese takeway with my parents.
Then Monday it was my birthday and I went into town with my Mum and we had lunch in a sweet little cafe (she was working 4-midnight :()
In the afternoon I went into Uni for a couple of hours (Damn lectures on your Birthday!)
Then Mick, Dad and Me all went out to Piccolino's! More yummyness.
Tuesday, the boy and me went for a MaccyD's and he dropped me off in town since my nan wanted to buy me a ring from one of the jewellers in town. I found a gorgeous one! (inlove)
Tuesday night I went out with all my Uni friends to the local club and had a blast!

So its been pretty hectic but I've enjoyed every second.
It truely has been an awesome 21st.


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Back to Uni - 3rd Year

Hey Everyone,
So I've been back at Uni for a week now and have caught the dreaded fresher's flu.
I have so much work to be getting on with from Clinical Biochemistry, to Scene of Crime and finally to my Dissertation. (Which is on Blood Pattern Analysis - Hello Dexter!) :)
But I needed to pick up some stationary and what not...

These are all from WHSmith and cost just under a tenner.
(Cheeky monkeys charged me 5p for a carrier bag)
I wanted a pretty folder to put all my Dissertation work in so I wouldn't loose it!
Those pens have right pointy tips, which imo makes me write neater.
The little notebook is to write down tasks. The ruler is a bendy one and looked cool.
The teal see-through pencil case is for exams and tbh I just liked the colour.
And ofc ruled paper for notes and all that boring nonsense!

I also bought this boho bag from Ebay which I'm currently using for Uni since it holds lots of stuffs!

Hope you guys have settled in if you've start/gone back to Uni.
Harriet x

Monday, 3 October 2011

indian summer, say what?

Corrr last Thursday, Friday and Saturday were glorious!
So Mick and me made the most of it.
So we went for a walk...

Spooky dead tree :O

BBQ Time! 
I had to dig my summer stuff back out after putting it away for the A/W.
Madness, though I'm not complaining! Even though its been reported that snow is suppose to fall.
Silly British weather.

I hope you guys had time to lap up those gorgeous rays. :)

Harriet x

some sad news

Hey Everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
Firstly I had no tinterweb for 2 weeks (silly BT) so couldn't blog.
But also September was a pretty bad month.
For one reason my little bunny died.
Bertie was only 5 and a half.
The night before he was his normal self, bouncing around the living room, trying to snatch my pear, scratting my pjs and biting my Dad's jeans.
The next morning he was off his front legs. We rushed him to the vets but he died 15 minutes later.
It was just so unexpected and I was so upset for days. Even now I get teary eyed. :(
R.I.P Bertie Brierley
Within that time my new camera came. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any pictures of Bertie which I was so mad about. But the weekend before Mick did take some pictures of him...


To keep my mind off things I've been wandering around using my new camera.
The Canon SX30 IS Powershot.

Ted has been my main model and is getting far too much attention.

Love him loads!

Harriet x