Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Back to Uni - 3rd Year

Hey Everyone,
So I've been back at Uni for a week now and have caught the dreaded fresher's flu.
I have so much work to be getting on with from Clinical Biochemistry, to Scene of Crime and finally to my Dissertation. (Which is on Blood Pattern Analysis - Hello Dexter!) :)
But I needed to pick up some stationary and what not...

These are all from WHSmith and cost just under a tenner.
(Cheeky monkeys charged me 5p for a carrier bag)
I wanted a pretty folder to put all my Dissertation work in so I wouldn't loose it!
Those pens have right pointy tips, which imo makes me write neater.
The little notebook is to write down tasks. The ruler is a bendy one and looked cool.
The teal see-through pencil case is for exams and tbh I just liked the colour.
And ofc ruled paper for notes and all that boring nonsense!

I also bought this boho bag from Ebay which I'm currently using for Uni since it holds lots of stuffs!

Hope you guys have settled in if you've start/gone back to Uni.
Harriet x

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