Monday, 1 November 2010

Red Hair using L'Oréal Casting Crème Gloss Mahogany

Soooo, I wanted a change from my usual blonde hair since its basically winter. I loved the look of mahogany hair.

I bit the bullet and bought some L'oreal casting creme gloss in 550! But since I have REALLY thick hair I waited for my hairdressers to pop round so she could do it for me! She said if I had done it myself it would have gone streaky. Anyways to cut a long story short 1 box was not enough! fail... My dad had to run out and buy another! (tip: get 2 boxes to be on the safe side!) So the dye was whacked on my head and I waited about 45mins. In that time I played some WOW, a couple of BG's and the dye was ready to be washed out. So I had my head over the sink for what seemed like a lifetime, red dye is such a pain!

It's already fading but is leaving nice light reddish highlights behind!
Its a great colour and I would definitely recommend the L'oreal casting creme gloss :)
Oh and another thing, the colour looks totally different depending on what the lights like...

Hattie x


So halloween has passed for another year! I went out to a club on Tuesday because it was Gender Blender's Official Halloween Night Out. Since all my Uni friends were going home this weekend (Reading Week ftw). Obviously fancy dress, which I loved! So I kinda went as a nymph, well to be perfectly honest I have no idea what I was. :]

 I had a great time! But daaang getting all that makeup off was a bitch!

I hope you all had a great time whatever you got up to!

Hattie x

hmmm Where to Start...

I'm always reading through blogs and thought it was about time I started one myself.

Where to start ...
My names Harriet or Hattie which ever you please,
I'm 20 from the UK
pets, makeup, beauty, shopping, photography, piercings, gaming, my lovely bf. <3
yeaaaaah, a random bunch of things.
Time to think up some interesting blog posts!

Hattie x