Monday, 29 July 2013

On my jollys

I took a week off work and went to Abersoch, North Wales and oh em gee, what a week it was. We were right bang in the middle of a heat wave and we certainly made the most of it. It was so warm that we would be up by 8:30, grab some quick breakfast and then be on our way the marina to launch the boat. We would then go from Pwllheli to Abersoch, bypassing the Tudwells on our way. I managed to do some wakeboarding and snorkeling, as well as lots of sunbathing. Everyone couldn't believe the colour of me when I got back home, they thought I'd been abroad! We also got to see the amazing wildlife in the bay, seals, jellyfish and even dolphins! Fantastic :).
Now I'm back home, back to work, boo but I'll be jetting off to Florida at the beginning of September, yay! I actually can't wait, I've never been to America before, I just hope I get there in one piece :0.
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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mac Lovelorn

Mac Lovelorn - my current lipstick obsession. I first saw this on Jennie from and I knew I wanted it. Believe it or not, I didn't own any pink lippies before this, shock horror! So I pootled down to Mac and had a good old swatch and it was perfect. It's a lustre, my favourite! It's a gorgeous pink, suitable for everyday wear and is so easy to apply.
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