My name's Harriet but most people call me Hattie. I am 22 years of age and live in Cheshire, which is North West England. I have just recently graduated from university with a degree in Forensic Biology and I'm currently working in Pharmaceuticals :).
 This is what I use to look like and this is what I look like now! As you can see I'm constantly changing my hair. I've been natural, blonde, brown, red, purple, ombre, long & short. I think I've pretty much covered everything! But for now I'm happy with my little pixie cut.
I am a huge animal lover. If I could keep every animal in the world and give them a loving home I totally would. At current I am Mum to a piggie (Ted) and bunny (Basil). These two boys mean everything to me and really do lighten my day up.
I chose to name my blog "Hattie's Hideaway" because it became a place where I could ramble on about all things that truly interest and inspire me...


I also make YouTube videos under the alias Qu33neY.


  1. your rabbit is so cute

  2. Love your 'hair' long and by that I mean, your hair looks really pretty ...but I love your FACE with the short *if that makes sense??!* like you have really pretty hair to be long, but your face is so gorgeous its like you need it short to showcase that beauty!

    My fave is the one of you in the little circle up there! My workmate and I just spent about an hour and a half on your blog & youtube channel!!! (she's trying to grow her hair out and wants it to be lighter and not so dark anymore) so I was like "come look at Harriet..she'll have some goods for ya! She loves how your hair is now.. ;)

    xxX angi