Sunday, 31 March 2013

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick Review

 Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick Review

I've been on the look out for the perfect pink/nude/sheer lipstick, so when I saw these new ColorStay Lippies from Revlon I thought I'd hit the jackpot. I started swatching them whilst in Boot's and they looked so pretty, lovely pigmentation, and had a nice sheen to them. I thought they would be perfect for me...

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in 030 High Heels and 020 Front Row

 I got to the car, delved into my Boot's bag and whipped out my new lipsticks. I applied it there and then as I couldn't wait to see what they looked like, and well! It just went downhill from there. I have dry lips so always put chap stick on beforehand. I applied the lipstick and it instantly wished I hadn't bought the damn things. My lips looked horrific, all patchy and dry. Definitely not what I was expecting. The finish on the lips is awful, a semi matte/metallic. Honestly, it's blimin' awful. I really wouldn't recommend these to anyone!
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Eyebrow Dying.

 I've been super obsessed with my eyebrows recently. So I was in Boot's one day and came across the 30 Day Mascara for Lashes and Brows in Dark Brown. My brows are naturally quite dark but I have some super light hairs above one of them, making it look really thin, argh! So I thought I'd test this dye out and see what results I achieved.
 Ignore my trout pout, eep. The eyebrow on show is the thinner one out of the two. But after using this dye it not longer stands out like a sore thumb. The dye took to the light hairs really well, and now the brow looks a lot fuller, yay, happy days!
I thought I'd whack in a Before and After picture. As you can see my brows are quite a lot darker but I actually really really like them. I will continue to use the dye as I really like the results it gave. Next time I might try it out on my lashes too! Oh and I'm currently testing out RapidBrow, as I'm still on my thicker fuller brows mission. So I shall be doing a review on that bad boy soon, so stay tuned!
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Primark Haul!

I took a trip to Primark at the weekend and left with quite a few goodies. They have a really good selection for S/S'13, I definitely recommend nipping down to your local and checking out all the cool shizzle! And to be quite honest I loved everything that I bought, from the rose gold plated sandals to the feminine floral top. If you want to see the clothes in more detail, check out my video below.
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm Review

Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm Review*

I'm just going to start this blog post off by saying that this face balm/cleanser is absolutely fantastic. And has done wonders to my skin, and is by far my new Holy Grail product, aaaand breathe :). I've never really dabbled in face balms but I'm so glad I did. I tend to use this at night as it does such a good job at cleaning my face and removing any traces of makeup. Oh and another plus point is that it comes with a really nice muslin cloth. 

I begin by splashing a bit of water over my face. Then I squeeze out a small amount on to my finger tips and massage it all over. I wait a couple of minutes before buffing away the product with a dampened warm muslin cloth. Then once my skin is dry I use the Balance Me Face Oil.

After using this balm my skin feels hydrated and healthy. It banishes my dry skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. I honestly couldn't recommend the Balance Me face balm enough. I certainly will be repurchasing this once my current one runs out. 

Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm retails at £20 for 125ml from Balance Me.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel Review

I tend to brush my brows up and at an angle, making them appear thicker than they actually are. I then apply the brow gel and it sets them in place for the rest of the day. The product dries clear and is unnoticeable when applied correctly. My brows are fixed into place but not completely stiff. The only problem is that a lot of product can come out on the brush and if its applied too thickly, it can dry and become flaky. But as soon so you've used it a couple of times you get use to this and it doesn't become an issue!

I really would love to try the tinted brow gels, as I've heard many good things about them. I think they would work really well for me as I've got some really light hairs in my brows. 

What brow products do you guys really recommend?
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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Long hair, Don't care!

Woohoo, I got me a weave, well, more like clip in extensions from Best Hair Buy. I'm fed up of my grown out pixie not growing, if you get me. So I thought it would be fun to test out some extensions on my fro. I decided to get the 22 inch, 160g and in the colour #4/27. But when they arrived they were far too blonde (see below picture!), so I nipped out and bought some hair dye and dyed them a dark blonde. My natural colour is like a mousey brown/blonde but my mid lengths and ends have a red tinge to them from an old hair dye, doh. So they kind of blend, (note: kind of). Once the red goes, they will match my natural colour a lot better!
Hair Extensions c/o

I decided to cut the extensions on top of dying them, just because I find them to look more realistic when they are thicker at the tips. I'd rather have shorter thicker extensions, than have long straggly/ratty extensions.  They did shed at the beginning but not too badly, I guess it's so be somewhat expected. 

They arrived really quick too, only 3 days from HK. 

All in all, I'm glad I got to try out Best Hair Buy extensions. If your looking for affordable extensions I'd recommend checking out Best Hair Buy.
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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Caseable Review and GIVEAWAY!

I love anything that is customisable and quirky. So when I was contacted by Caseable asking whether I wanted to test out one of their cases, I jumped at the chance. I chose the Circulation case for my Nexus 7. I really liked the design since it was colourful and quirky. I was quite surprised as it arrived on my doorstep relatively quickly, seeing as if was shipped from America.
Case c/o

The case itself is made from recycled materials, yay for saving the planet. The structure is strong and durable and of good quality. The print is bold in colour and very detailed. Inside it has elastic straps which hold my Nexus securely. And there is a pocket which could be used to stash documents etc etc.

The only thing that this case doesn't let you do is prop the Nexus up. I tend to watch quite a lot of films and TV programmes on my tablet and my old case allows me to prop the Nexus up horizontally. However, I still really do like the case and it's concept.

If your in to personalising your belongings, I would definitely recommend checking out Caseable.
Use the code "hattiecase" for $10 off your order, valid till the end of march.

ALSO! Caseable are allowing me to do a giveaway, yay!
All you guys need to do is comment on the post telling me your favourite Caseable design,
& follow/like their Twitter and Facebook pages.

This giveaway is open to US, Canada, and Europe, as Caseable only ships to these destinations. 
Good Luck!

Giveaway Winner is Stacey from Whimsical Wolf
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Sunday, 3 March 2013


I've been doing a bit lot of shopping recently and thought I'd show you guys what goodies I've picked up. I didn't take photos of everything because I'm a lazy noo but I did include them in my video. I hadn't really planned to buy anything. It just so happened that I saw them on my travels and they so happened to jump into my basket, little blighters.

The only thing I really want right now is a nice warm black coat with pockets, mostly for work as that's what I'm lacking. And it's bloody freezing when I get into my car at 5:30am in the mornings. I did have a nosey in town today but all the shops are getting their S/S '13 into stores so I'm probably buggered now.
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