Sunday, 3 March 2013


I've been doing a bit lot of shopping recently and thought I'd show you guys what goodies I've picked up. I didn't take photos of everything because I'm a lazy noo but I did include them in my video. I hadn't really planned to buy anything. It just so happened that I saw them on my travels and they so happened to jump into my basket, little blighters.

The only thing I really want right now is a nice warm black coat with pockets, mostly for work as that's what I'm lacking. And it's bloody freezing when I get into my car at 5:30am in the mornings. I did have a nosey in town today but all the shops are getting their S/S '13 into stores so I'm probably buggered now.
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  1. Lovely bits and pieces. Unfortunately I can't watch the video as I've given up YouTube for lent, but I appreciated the photos!
    Amy | The Little Koala Blog

  2. That clutch is GORGEOUS! I love the shoes too xo

  3. love the neon jumper! check out my giveaway on my blog! xx

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