Sunday, 28 April 2013

Olivia Burton Rose Gold Watch

Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch £62

 I am obsessed with rose gold, so when I came across this gorgeous Olivia Burton Watch I was absolutely made up. I already have an MK 5315 but this is completely different. Where the Michael Kors watch is more robust and edgy, this watch is elegant and understated. One would say they are the complete opposite. The Big Dial Watch has an oversized rose gold face making it easy to tell the time. The mink coloured leather strap is slim and easy to fasten. It is a classic yet stylish piece which will no doubt go with an array of outfits. I'm glad I got my mitts on this just in time for Spring/Summer 2013.
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

MAC Lady Danger

I came across Mac's Lady Danger at my local Cosmetic Company Oulet and was so surprised! I never normally find anything worthwhile, but this trip was an exception. There was only one lippie left so I had to grab it.

Lady Danger is a vibrant orange red, perfect for the upcoming seasons. I can see it going hand in hand with a sun kissed tan. It is very pigmented and goes on smoothly and has pretty intensive staying power. The formula is matte, which I'm really starting to like. At first I thought it would be drying but Lady Danger is really creamy, perfect for me since I always seem to have dry lips. 

I wore this is in my recent Pixie Cut video and lots of people were asking what was on my lips, which is usually a good sign! I can see this as becoming my new favourite lippie for Spring Summer, fosho.
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Monday, 8 April 2013

Pixie Cut Update: 7 Months

It's still my mission to grow my hair out into a bob. I've decided that I'm going to document my progress every couple of months. So here's my 7 month pixie cut update! The front lengths touch my jaw, the back is still short and my fringe is growing nicely. Check out my video to see it in detail :).
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

happy happy happy, Summer's on its way!

Yaaay, so it's finally getting to Summer, we've changed our clocks one hour forward and now we're in British Summer Time, BooYah! Sunshine, and weather in general, really affects my mood. When it's a lovely day out, I'm way more productive. For example, I'll go for a long run, eat healthier, film videos and write blog posts. I also see things differently, I look at life in a whole different way. In general, I'm a much more positive person! So I really hope we get a bloomin' good Summer this year, God knows we desperately need deserve it! :)
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