Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Clarisonic Mia Review

Clarisonic Mia Review

Like most people I do a lot of research before going out and buying expensive things. I read countless reviews, all saying how fantastic the thing was. Therefore I decided to purchase this through buyapowa for £90 + p&p. I have tried and tested this little contraption for 4~ months and can give you my final verdict.

I use it with 2 cleansers, the first being the Clarins daily energizer cleansing gel and the second being the Clarins cleansing milk. I first wet my face as well as the Mia, then I apply cleanser. Next I turn the Mia on and use it for 1 minute all over. I found that the Mia was drying my skin out, so then I changed my routine so that I rinsed my face and the Mia's brush after using it for 1 minute. Then for the second minute I used the Mia again just with water. This seemed to give me a better exfoliation. 

I used the Mia religiously for about 2 months straight, pretty much everyday and I can honestly say I didn't see much of a difference (if any at all). I'm quite lucky to have clear(ish) skin but I do suffer from blemishes along my jaw line. There was no change in my blemishes. I also have noticeable pores on my cheeks. Once again there was no change to these. In addition to this I always seem to break out between my eyebrows, this kept happening even after using the Mia. So overall I don't think it actually did anything.

Yes, I will admit you do feel like you've really cleaned your face. Which is good because I'm a bit OCD like that! And afterwards the skin drinks up any moisturiser you put on. But all in all I think its quite an expensive thing that doesn't really do much. Plus its recommended that you replace the head every 3 months which is another £20.

I've found that using a muslin cloth along side my cleanser works just as well. And in all honesty I prefer it! So I am currently thinking of selling my Mia as it is sitting in my drawer all unloved!

Have you guys tried any of the Clarisonics?
Harriet x

Monday, 30 July 2012

rose gold spike bracelet

Like most people I am a huge lover of rose gold jewellery. I am always on the look out for funky pieces.
The other night I was on the ASOS website and I stumbled across this spike bracelet. At only £6 I couldn't say no. It was in my basket and paid for before you could say Jack Robinson. I do have to wear it on the tightest fastening otherwise there is a danger of it falling of my little wrists.  

I think its a great addition to my rose collection. Oh and if you was wondering my Michael Kors watch model is MK 5315.

Harriet x

brow pens

A la Carte brow ink - Sable £22 & Gosh brow pen - Wheat £6.49

I had massive bushy eyebrows as a child and got teased quite a lot. When I was around 14 I took a tweezer to them. Bad mistake! I wish my Mum had taken me to a salon to get them shaped etc. If only I knew then what I know now. 

Since joining the beauty community I've learnt such a lot about brows. From powders, to pencils to pens!
I have dark brown eyebrows which are quite thick in places but do need a little filling in here and there. I've found that pens work the best for this.

I had the A la Carte one first, a little dark but I used it anyway. Since I was running out I decided to pop along to Superdrug to pick up the Gosh brow pen. I swatched Venetian Brown but it was far too light and Dark Brown had a strange green tinge to it. There was no Wheat tester but I decided to go with it anyway.

As you can see the Sable is much darker and more pigmented than Wheat. However when on my brow Wheat is much more subtle and fills in the gaps just as I want, plus it looks a lot more natural.

All in all the Gosh brow pens are much better value and do the exact same job as its more expensive counterpart.

What do you guys use to fill in your brows? Any recommendations?

Harriet x

Friday, 27 July 2012

UK Glamorous Disco Pants

Disco pants are the rage right now, but you probably already know this! I've always had my eye on the American Apparel ones, especially after buying the AA nylon tricot leggings. However I couldn't justify the price at £70. So I just kind of left it at that. But lately I've seen a few blog posts and YouTube videos flying around about the so called disco pant dupes from UK Glamorous. I went on their site and had a nosey around and they have some really great things!

I decided there and then that I needed a pair of these in my life and bought them.
At this moment in time if you use the code glamorous20 you get 20% off, even better :).

The dispatch and delivery was amazing. I had emails updating what was happening. They even let me know that it was being delivered by DPD today between certain times. Which is fantastic!

Now for the pants themselves...

I ordered a size 12, it says on the website to order a size up so I did.
I am a curvy 10 with a massive bottom and hips and these fit perfectly. 
They are beyond comfortable and are suck you in in all the right places. 
So I definitely recommend getting a size up if your thinking about ordering these.
They are a little long in length but that's just because I am only 5'4", 
so I just roll them up and they still look fabulous.
The colour is that of dark charcoal which I think its ultra flattering and slightly different to the usual boring black. They are super soft to touch and are slightly stretchy. The material is that of what you expect from leggings. I did feel a little draft when I wore these out.

I have never tried on the American Apparel disco pants so I cannot compare. 
But all in all these are a brilliant little number.
I wouldn't even bother going for the AA ones because these do the job perfectly.
I am now even considering getting the blue ones!

I thought I would make a little video showing them as well. Just because photos don't do these justice at all...

What do you guys think to them?

Harriet x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Flower Lights

I thought I would show these beautiful flower lights that I bought off Ebay this week, for only £17.25 and free p&p! I've been trying to get my room to be as neutral as possible, no clutter, with a few little pretty things here and there. So when I came across these I thought they would look great around my mirror. They have a lovely warm glow to them. I'm really chuffed with them!

When you first open the packet you have to spray them with water for the flowers to open. I thought that was pretty cool! 



Hello Everyone! I've been a busy bee lately. I always get super bored with my room and furniture in general and I wanted something different. I bought the wooden storage box from Ikea (Ikea Hol) a few months ago but I felt it didn't really fit into my room. So I decided to buy some fabric off of Ebay (Ebay seller). I bought 3 units, measuring 48cm x 135cm(19'' x 53''), this managed to cover 3 full sides! I just pinned it into place.

Then I put all my little quirky things on top of it to finish it off...

Lantern - Ikea, Box - TKMaxx, Vase&Flower - Habitat, Wooden Heart - Listers, Shabby Chic Book - TKMaxx, Makeup Brushes - A mixture, Blue Vase - Listers, Owl - Ebay.

Harriet x

Monday, 23 July 2012

MAC Waveline Fluidline

Mac Waveline Fluidline Review

This is my first gel liner from Mac. I really wanted a blue liner since my Mum wears blue eye makeup and it really suits her, plus it isn't as harsh as black. So I did a bit of research and it was a toss up between the Mac liner and the Bobbi Brown gel liner in Denim Ink. They are both very different when swatched. The Mac is a true royal blue not matter what light you are in. Whereas when the BB one when swatched is a very dull blue almost black, not a very flattering colour. However when it catches the light it has intense blue shimmer, which is gorgeous! I was going to buy the BB one but they had non in stock and I couldn't be bothered waiting so I opted for the Mac one. It costs £14 for 3g and comes in a little glass pot. 

My thoughts...

Pigmentation: Not opaque in one swatch. This product must be built up to achieve an intense royal blue.
Longevity: Amazing! Lasts for hours and hours, does not budge or transfer. 
Texture: Creamy so easy to work with.
Application: I use a Mac 210, works well. Perfect for lining the eyes.

Overall: I believe this will definitely be a staple in my makeup routine now.
 A blue mascara is needed to compliment this gel liner.  

Harriet x

Ireland Summer 2012

1. On the way 2. Chilling on a rock

3. Walks on the beach 4. Checked in at the hotel

5. Irish Nando's 6. Dublin

7. A beautiful bay 8. Swimming in the sea

Penney's Bits

Hello All! I am back from Ireland! I had a fantastic time and desperately want to be back on the beautiful beaches. But I am home and so I  thought I would write some blog posts. 
I did buy a few things when I was there so here's the things I bought from Primark, or Penney's as it is in Ireland! 

I saw the bright pink lace bicycle shorts and wanted them straight away! I wear my black H&M ones to death. And these were only 2 Euros, bargainous. The floral pumps were so cute, I couldn't not have them at 4 Euros. The knickerbockers reminded of the ones Gilly Hicks' sells! I loved how bright and colourful they were so I snatched them up.

Harriet x

Friday, 13 July 2012


Photo1 (l-r). Blogger-Wardrobe/ Topshop/ Zara
Photo2. Fat Face leather bracelets
Photo3. Primark goodies

Hello All! What a miserable day it is here in England.
I needed to pop into town to get some Euros for Ireland. So, of course, I did a bit of shopping!
I picked up quite a few things so I thought I'd do a haul video.
Harriet x


I was in Boots just minding my own business when one of the Benefit MUAs swooped down on me.
I was taken by surprise and led off to the counter where I plonked myself down.
I then proceeded to have, what felt like, every Benefit product in history put on my face.
Hehe, it wasn't that bad really!

Benefit Face of the Day...
That Gal Face Primer
Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation
Hoola Bronzer
They're Real! Mascara

In all honestly I really did like every product, but there's no way I can afford to splurge out on it!
In the end I purchased the mascara in the travel size cause its cheaper and that way I didn't feel bad for the MUA. I will probably end up getting Hoola too since I think it's rather marvellous!

Do you guys recommend any Benefit products?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pixi Cut - from brown to blonde

Hello All!
Your all probably like me and get super bored with your hair constantly.
Well I still love my pixi cut but it was growing out so fast and the colour was a bit 'meh'.
Therefore I opted to have a full head of highlights and a trim.
I think it looks a million times better!



What do you guys think? :)
Harriet x


Howdy All!
Here's what I've picked up over the past couple of weeks...

 Zara £19.99
This Tshirt is amazing, the colour are so pretty and bright. It was quite expensive, but makes me happy when I look at it.

 Zara (sale) £12.99
This top is pretty funky. It has faux leather patches on the shoulders and the pocket, giving it an edgy look.

 Zara (sale) £9.99
I love Zara basics and these two were perfect.

 H&M £11 ~
I needed a new bikini for Abersoch. This one from H&M was a perfect fit and I really liked the colour. Plus the ruffles make your boobies look bigger = win.

Just a plain white T, which is slightly see through so I thought this bandeau would look cool underneath it.

Abersoch £4
I bought this down in Abersoch in one of the little craft shops. I thought it was so cute and would go well on my dressing table.

Harriet x