Monday, 30 July 2012

brow pens

A la Carte brow ink - Sable £22 & Gosh brow pen - Wheat £6.49

I had massive bushy eyebrows as a child and got teased quite a lot. When I was around 14 I took a tweezer to them. Bad mistake! I wish my Mum had taken me to a salon to get them shaped etc. If only I knew then what I know now. 

Since joining the beauty community I've learnt such a lot about brows. From powders, to pencils to pens!
I have dark brown eyebrows which are quite thick in places but do need a little filling in here and there. I've found that pens work the best for this.

I had the A la Carte one first, a little dark but I used it anyway. Since I was running out I decided to pop along to Superdrug to pick up the Gosh brow pen. I swatched Venetian Brown but it was far too light and Dark Brown had a strange green tinge to it. There was no Wheat tester but I decided to go with it anyway.

As you can see the Sable is much darker and more pigmented than Wheat. However when on my brow Wheat is much more subtle and fills in the gaps just as I want, plus it looks a lot more natural.

All in all the Gosh brow pens are much better value and do the exact same job as its more expensive counterpart.

What do you guys use to fill in your brows? Any recommendations?

Harriet x

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