Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Clarisonic Mia Review

Clarisonic Mia Review

Like most people I do a lot of research before going out and buying expensive things. I read countless reviews, all saying how fantastic the thing was. Therefore I decided to purchase this through buyapowa for £90 + p&p. I have tried and tested this little contraption for 4~ months and can give you my final verdict.

I use it with 2 cleansers, the first being the Clarins daily energizer cleansing gel and the second being the Clarins cleansing milk. I first wet my face as well as the Mia, then I apply cleanser. Next I turn the Mia on and use it for 1 minute all over. I found that the Mia was drying my skin out, so then I changed my routine so that I rinsed my face and the Mia's brush after using it for 1 minute. Then for the second minute I used the Mia again just with water. This seemed to give me a better exfoliation. 

I used the Mia religiously for about 2 months straight, pretty much everyday and I can honestly say I didn't see much of a difference (if any at all). I'm quite lucky to have clear(ish) skin but I do suffer from blemishes along my jaw line. There was no change in my blemishes. I also have noticeable pores on my cheeks. Once again there was no change to these. In addition to this I always seem to break out between my eyebrows, this kept happening even after using the Mia. So overall I don't think it actually did anything.

Yes, I will admit you do feel like you've really cleaned your face. Which is good because I'm a bit OCD like that! And afterwards the skin drinks up any moisturiser you put on. But all in all I think its quite an expensive thing that doesn't really do much. Plus its recommended that you replace the head every 3 months which is another £20.

I've found that using a muslin cloth along side my cleanser works just as well. And in all honesty I prefer it! So I am currently thinking of selling my Mia as it is sitting in my drawer all unloved!

Have you guys tried any of the Clarisonics?
Harriet x

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