Friday, 13 July 2012


I was in Boots just minding my own business when one of the Benefit MUAs swooped down on me.
I was taken by surprise and led off to the counter where I plonked myself down.
I then proceeded to have, what felt like, every Benefit product in history put on my face.
Hehe, it wasn't that bad really!

Benefit Face of the Day...
That Gal Face Primer
Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation
Hoola Bronzer
They're Real! Mascara

In all honestly I really did like every product, but there's no way I can afford to splurge out on it!
In the end I purchased the mascara in the travel size cause its cheaper and that way I didn't feel bad for the MUA. I will probably end up getting Hoola too since I think it's rather marvellous!

Do you guys recommend any Benefit products?


  1. i love benefit products but i totally agree that they are so expensive! Have you tried the bad gal lash mascara in plum or in waterproof? i also believe that they do a bluey colour. they are great for holiday and the waterproof one doesn't smudge nor crumble off. A worthy purchase

    1. Oh noo! I really want to try out the plum one! Looks so nice. Thanks for your comment :) xx

  2. Your skin looks beautiful! xox

  3. I love benefit products too!
    They are all so lovely, its a shame they sell them for so much! I bet they cost a fraction of that to actually make and they would make loads more money if they lowered their prices!
    You look lovely though!

    1. I know! I bet it costs them near to nothing to produce and they bump up the price >_< but thanks! x

  4. Is your hair naturally curly like that or have you created that look?? It looks really nice and i think your hair looks better blonde :)

    Amy x