Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hello Everyone! I've been a busy bee lately. I always get super bored with my room and furniture in general and I wanted something different. I bought the wooden storage box from Ikea (Ikea Hol) a few months ago but I felt it didn't really fit into my room. So I decided to buy some fabric off of Ebay (Ebay seller). I bought 3 units, measuring 48cm x 135cm(19'' x 53''), this managed to cover 3 full sides! I just pinned it into place.

Then I put all my little quirky things on top of it to finish it off...

Lantern - Ikea, Box - TKMaxx, Vase&Flower - Habitat, Wooden Heart - Listers, Shabby Chic Book - TKMaxx, Makeup Brushes - A mixture, Blue Vase - Listers, Owl - Ebay.

Harriet x


  1. Pretty little things :) love the idea and what you've done with it, the wooden storage looks way better now ... Plus your quirky things are great ;)

    Hugs ♥

  2. I love this little idea. Definitely one i'll be remembering. I've just ordered some material from the same ebay seller so hopefully will be getting creative soon too :)

    Beth x

    1. Thanks! I used some of the material and stitched it to make a pillowcase too :) xx