Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Howdy All!
Here's what I've picked up over the past couple of weeks...

 Zara £19.99
This Tshirt is amazing, the colour are so pretty and bright. It was quite expensive, but makes me happy when I look at it.

 Zara (sale) £12.99
This top is pretty funky. It has faux leather patches on the shoulders and the pocket, giving it an edgy look.

 Zara (sale) £9.99
I love Zara basics and these two were perfect.

 H&M £11 ~
I needed a new bikini for Abersoch. This one from H&M was a perfect fit and I really liked the colour. Plus the ruffles make your boobies look bigger = win.

Just a plain white T, which is slightly see through so I thought this bandeau would look cool underneath it.

Abersoch £4
I bought this down in Abersoch in one of the little craft shops. I thought it was so cute and would go well on my dressing table.

Harriet x


  1. Such a cute assortment of bits.
    I am desperately in need of basics...will for sure try zara!