Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Eyebrow Dying.

 I've been super obsessed with my eyebrows recently. So I was in Boot's one day and came across the 30 Day Mascara for Lashes and Brows in Dark Brown. My brows are naturally quite dark but I have some super light hairs above one of them, making it look really thin, argh! So I thought I'd test this dye out and see what results I achieved.
 Ignore my trout pout, eep. The eyebrow on show is the thinner one out of the two. But after using this dye it not longer stands out like a sore thumb. The dye took to the light hairs really well, and now the brow looks a lot fuller, yay, happy days!
I thought I'd whack in a Before and After picture. As you can see my brows are quite a lot darker but I actually really really like them. I will continue to use the dye as I really like the results it gave. Next time I might try it out on my lashes too! Oh and I'm currently testing out RapidBrow, as I'm still on my thicker fuller brows mission. So I shall be doing a review on that bad boy soon, so stay tuned!
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  1. i use this eyebrow dye too! the first time i used it i left it on too long and my eyebrows a little tooo dark.. haha. your eyebrows are amazing!

  2. my mum tried this when we went on holiday and i thought it was really cool, I have ridiculously fair eyelashes so when I don't have any mascara on I look like I have no eyelashes hahah so I might try this out for holiday x