Monday, 24 September 2012

Belvia Shapewear Slimming Briefs

For some reason most of my weight is deposited onto my butt which can make it look a bit droopy and saggy, not good! So when I had the chance to review these slimming briefs from Belvia I was beyond excited. I have never owned anything like this before so it was all a bit new to me. I recently bought the Belvia Bra (blog post here) & so I was hoping that I would like these briefs as much as the bra.

I decided to get mine in the black and in a size small (10-12). Like I said before my butt is the biggest part of me but my waist in comparison is quite small. The briefs themselves are quite stretchy but supporting at the same time. They pulled my butt up and gave it a much nicer shape. In addition to this the waist part fit really well, evening and flattening out my stomach. 

One thing I would say is that the elastic around the leg holes is quite tight and cut a little into my skin. However, what worked best for me was that I wore tights first and then placed these briefs over the top. The tights gave me a little support and these briefs finished the job off and were really comfortable to wear. 

Oh and one more thing, they keep your core nice and warm too. I was wearing them out at the weekend and only had a thin jumper on and these really helped to fight the cold. :)

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  1. ahhh I could definitely do with a bit of a butt lift every now & then haha!! x

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