Monday, 17 September 2012

The Truth about Poundland and Stila

The Truth about Poundland and Stila

I've just watched Dispatches: The Secret of Poundland and something that they showed was rather disturbing...

Through the blogging community I read/heard that Poundland had started to stock Stila cosmetics. For only £1 that was a fantastic deal. I even went into a few Poundlands to buy some, but they either didn't have any or the products that they were selling were not suitable for me (eg. too light/dark). But thank goodness I didn't waste my money on it. 

In the programme, the investigation team contacts Stila. Stila comes back and said that the products they are selling ceased manufacture 8 years ago. Which means that these cosmetics are ancient! Also Stila said that they had no idea how Poundland found these products to sell in the first place. I think this is rather alarming, so that's why I've shot upstairs to write this post! 

Here's the Channel 4 link, the Stila section is in the second half of the programme. 
It will be released on 4OD to watch soon.


  1. Omg no way! I bought about 5 of these because I couldn't believe the price and I was meant to watch the show but totally forgot! I can't believe this!

    Thanks for informing me

    I recently done a review on the poundland stila products as well! -

  2. I've used my Stila tinted moisturiser and have had no problems with it. I understood when buying it that it obviously wasn't brand new. Dunno why but I'm fine with it.

    Adele x

  3. I did think surely something mustnt be right to be selling fairly expensive stuff in poundland and assumed it was old seasons.. but didn't think it would be that old! That's crazy. I'm glad I never went out of my way to find any now haha xx

  4. The chemicals break down in these products. They might not be safe to use.

  5. What did people expect from Poundland really though? I knew it'd be old stock, i personally don't mind, mine was unopened so what's the problem? and the dry shampoo i got from Stila at Poundland was really good so all in all i think it was a sensationalized programme which didn't really tell me anything i didn't already know haha i remember when Dispatches used to be about serious stuff!

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