Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Belvia Bra Review

Belvia Bra Review £13~

I see adverts for this bra all the time on TV about how fantastic it is. Well for me personally I bloody hate wearing bra's, I think they're super uncomfortable and just annoying little contraptions. So when I saw this in Asda at the weekend I wanted it straight away. 

I decided to get mine in black and a size small. I prefer black underwear as I think they suit me more. Just one little note, the bra is kind of a little see through, so just don't go walking around the house with only this on! I know that the bra looks a little bit granny-ish but I couldn't care less. I don't want to look sexy haha, so my boyfriend will just have to deal with it!

As for the fit I won't lie it is super comfortable and gives my chest a lovely shape. It does give me support but I'm only a 34C, whereas if you were a bigger cup size I think you would be struggling. I thought that the elastic at the bottom would be too tight, but it isn't in the slightest. I also use this as my work out bra. 

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  1. you sound like me! Ive never been a fan of wearing bras but there isnt much choice in the matter - i find them really restrictive and uncomfy too :( I found some like this in m&s a couple of weeks ago, look really soft and im sure you get 2 in a pack for like 15 quid! Think im gonna get one of these though now :D

    lucy xxx

    1. Haha bra's are wretched things! But I really love this bra, I think I need more for when this one goes in the wash. :D x