Tuesday, 11 September 2012

weekend in Abersoch

I've been in Abersoch for the last few days, which has been fun. We took the boat out both Friday and Saturday and made the most of the nice weather. Its the end of the season now, and autumn is fast approaching, so our outings are numbered. The island in the first picture is owned by Bear Grylls', when we were younger we used to jump off it!

On Friday we saw both dolphins and seals. I couldn't get a shot of the dolphins because they are so quick and only out of the water for a few seconds (I did get footage a few weeks ago so I will leave that blog post > here <). One dolphin was feeding and catching mackerel, which I've never seen before. The seals were on the tudwel's just chilling. They are so cute and inquisitive! 

We also did a bit of trolling (fishing) around Ceriad and caught some fresh mackerel. Which we later had for our dinner. You just can't beat it, so scrummy :).

Abersoch Harbour and Boat Yard

Warm Fires

On Saturday we went out again in the boat and did some swimming. The water was bloody freezing so good job I had my wet suit with me!

I love this place. Everything about it...
The sea, the beaches, the wild life, the many many memories over the past 2 decades. <3

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