Monday, 10 September 2012

Essie 'Ballet Slippers'

Essie 'Ballet Slippers'

Ballet Slippers is a pale milky pink colour which is perfect for you if you like simplistic nails like me. 
It makes your fingers look very polished and clean, great for work/school/events. 

The polish is very sheer and is quite streaky when first applied. It takes 4 coats to build the opacity up. This is not as tasking as one might think. Make sure you do thin even coats, easily achieved with the wide brush, and it will dry quickly. (Note: when I tried to put it on too thickly, many air bubbles formed and it looked atrocious, so I had to take it off and start again). 
In all honesty, it might take a while to achieve your desired colour but it is well worth it. 
I've had it on all weekend and have been boating/fishing and my nails are still in good condition with just one small chip.

I can't wait to try some more Essie polishes out! Any recommendations?
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  1. I NEED to get some essie nail polish... xo

  2. Such a pretty colour. :) I have Essie - Fiji which is a milky colour but more pink. This is gorgeous. And the best thing about pale polishes is that they go with every outfit! :D x

    1. Yes! I want to try Fiji so much, it's gorgeous x

  3. This looks gorgeous! Will definitely pick this up (in the diffusion line) if I pop by the UK on holidays! xx