Friday, 16 March 2012

Mac Face and Body Foundation

This foundation is utterly amazing. 

I had to wanted to try it for ages, I mean like a year, but always put off ordering one. I bought my bottle back in November 2011 when I went to London. It is only sold in free-standing Mac stores so I jumped at the chance when I was in Carnaby Street. The mua put it on me and I knew there and then I HAD to get it.

Its around the £25 mark but in my eyes it is totally worth since you are getting 120ml (typical foundations are 30ml). So this bad boy will last you forever.

My shade is C2 if you guys were wondering. Its a smidge darker than my pale face atm but its perfect for when I use my face tanner. It really doesn't matter if this isn't a perfect match to your skin. Since it just blends right in. No big orange streaks.

Usually when I wear other foundations I can feel them sitting on my skin and I'm so paranoid that people will notice I am wearing it. However this is not the case with F&B. It honestly feels like a second skin, so light! When its first applied it is very runny, as you can see, but when working into the skin it transforms into a paste and coverage can be built up, which is fantastic!

All in all this is fabulous and I will totally be buying another one when this one runs out 
(without a shadow of a doubt!).

Have you guys tried Mac's F&B?

Harriet x


  1. nice foundation. . you now of any that covers altars and tattoos with out noticing it on. . and I always wondered what good is a foundation to cover skinn then a good moisturizer. as a man I once found make up to be insane in large amounts. but now of. mmmm. like to see you play. . . .from "lippgloss&¡makeupthatSall"!

  2. I love using this foundation in the summer as it's nice and sheer :-) perfect for the warmer weather.

  3. This is a new love of mine! I also put off buying it for ages and I have no idea why now,love it!!
    Ashlie x