Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mac Optimistic Orange

Mac Optimistic Orange Cremeblush

I've seen this on quite a few blogs and I really liked the colour of it. I didn't intend to buy it but today I was in town and I popped to my local Mac counter in Debenhams. I swatched it on my hand, 'ummm' and 'arrr' about it and left the shop to have a think. When I was outside I couldn't stop looking at my hand, the colour was gorgeous. I pootling around Zara and I came to the decision that yes I did indeed want it.

I went back to Mac and asked the mua if there was any left and she said yes but only a couple, (hooray).
So I left with my new little blusher.

One of the reasons that I wanted this was because I don't actually own anything like it. 
The colour and formula is great and I seriously can't wait to wear this when I have a tan.

What do you guys think to it?
Harriet x

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