Monday, 12 November 2012

my ikea wishlist

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I think it's safe to say I'm absolutely obsessed with Ikea. So it was about time that I made another wishlist. I'm still not 100% happy with my room, I need to change my desk and wardrobe out because they are old, dated and pretty much falling apart.

My bed, chest of drawers and my huge Abersoch picture are made out of wood and have a warm rich colour to them, that I like. But I want to have white furniture at the other end of the room to keep it classy and simplistic. My room is about the size of a matchbox so I need to be clever with the space that I have. (Seriously cannot wait to get my own place!). 

I have chosen BORGSJÖ (3) for my desk and ASPELUND (6) for my wardrobe
I also thought that the rug FLOKATI (1) would look nice along side my bed. 
Next are decorative items, SKURAR (4), which would be placed on my vanity holding my makeup brushes.
The mirror MYKEN (5) could sit on my new desk, making it easier to apply my makeup in the mornings.
DOFTA (2) and SMYCKA (7) are just pretty and I would put these on the windowsill
Now all I got to do is save up some pennies and take a trip! Eep, this is getting me all excited, ^_^.
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  1. some lovely things! I love ikea!

  2. I have that plantpot, i keep my brushes in it, it's perfect for that! and i also have the rug, it's brill quality

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