Sunday, 11 November 2012

London 2012

I'm back off my jollys down South! I went down to Haslemere (Surrey) first, then to Hastings (East Sussex) and finally to London. But now I am back home up North. We fit so much into a week and I'm absolutely exhausted, it'll take me a week to recover :P. I thought I'd put in a few photies that I took...
1. London Shopping 2. London Underground

I did do some shopping whilst I was in Surrey but I did the most damage in London. We don't have Muji, Monki or Forever 21 where I live which is so annoying because I love the things they sell! I'll show you guys what I got in another post/video :). 

I love the tube, its such a cool and quick way to travel. I always think of that movie 'Creep' when I'm in the underground. haha. Don't want to come across any scary monsters!

3. China Town 4. Liberty

We had a Chinese in China Town which was very yummy. 
Liberty is such a pretty building, pretty much the same as the ones we have up in Chester.

5. Tower of London 6. Killer Axe

We went to the Tower of London because we'd heard that it was suppose to be really good. Don't get me wrong some things are interesting but it doesn't live up to the hype what so ever :P. The axe on show was the one that beheaded Henry the 8th's wives!

 We also saw a show called 'Jersey Boys' which was really good! We had the best seats and view. We also saw James Bond, Skyfall at the IMAX and went to The Comedy Store in Piccadilly Circus.

I love London and can't wait for my next trip down there!
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  1. looks like you had a lovely! London is probably one of my favourite places

    megan xx