Tuesday, 14 August 2012

† OOTN †

Outfit of the Night.

I went out to drinks with some old friends last week.
I filmed a quick video, so I thought I might as well whack it on my blog.

The Dress is from Vero Moda, I absolutely love that shop it's just a shame there isn't one in Chester. I always seem to find a right gem whenever I go in. After I had bought said dress I knew I needed a belt to synch me in at the waist. So I popped into a Wilmslow charity shop and found this one with a bulls head on it, originally from Gap! The shoes I bought in a charity shop in Chester, they're Clarks ones too. I opted for simple jewellery - a rose gold bracelet from Asos and a few silver rings from a boutique.

Harriet x


  1. I love your hair in these pictures :)


    1. Ah it took lots of hair spray to get it like that haha :D but thanks xx

  2. Hey lv,

    Are you currently using any self-tan/gradual tan because your colour looks so gorg in this video!

    M xx

    1. Yes! I used St Moritz haha :D Love the stuff xx