Thursday, 16 August 2012


 △ 1. What is your pets name? 
His name is Basil, but we also call him Rasil Basil, Monster and Spectacle Rabbit.

 △ 2. What kind of pet is it and what breed? 
He's a lop eared blonde bunny rabbit.

 △ 3. How long have you had your pet friend? 
We got him early this year (2012). So he's still only a baby!

Baby Basil

 △ 4. How did you get your pet? 
Me and my Dad went looking around the whole of Chester and Wrexham to find a bunny. We visited a little pet shop which had a massive run with lots of rabbits in. We asked the guy if he had any baby lop eared ones and so he lifted the hutch roof off and there were so many little rabbits. Then we saw a shot of blonde fly past and that was Basil. He was so incredibly small and far too cute! Dad wasn't sure at first so we left and kept on looking. We decided to go home and tell Mum about this little furry blonde rabbit we had seen and showed her a picture. She immediately wanted him. So we jumped in the car and drove as fast as we could to the pet shop. Somebody else might have had him! But no he was still there and so we got him and brought him home ^_^.

 △ 5. How old is your pet? 
I'd say about 10 months old.

 △ 6. What are some quirky things about your pets personality? 
He's a little devil. Goes around biting things all the time! Be it my clothes, shoes, blankets, paper, anything. He loves attention and tickles, if you stop he will rush and nudge you as if to say 'hey, your not finished yet'. He likes to be chased around the house/garden. Ted the Pig and Basil both get on well but can be a little jealous at times.

 △ 7. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?  
Everything. I love pets more than humans most of the time. My relationship with Basil (and Ted) is a positive one. They both show me so much love. I couldn't live in a house with no animals!

He's so handsome!

 △ 8. What are some of your favorite past times with your pet? 
We go down to Abersoch together and he enjoys running around the caravan. I also like to sunbathe in the garden with him and he'll come up and lie beside me.

 △ 9. What are nicknames that you call your pet? 
The little git!

I post photos of him and Ted all the time on my Instagram (qu33ney).

 △ Harriet x 

Here's some footage of him :)


  1. Fab post such a cute bunny :) x

  2. aww basil is beautiful :) i really want a lop but as im still living with the folks and we dont think one would be compatible with our dog ive been told no :( one day though! totally agree with you on not being able to not have animals in the house - i couldnt either - they make better companions than most people haha!

    lucy xx

    1. They're gorgeous little creatures. :D My family really wants a dog but we're going to wait until something happens the bunny and pig first. Don't want to upset them ^^ x

  3. Aww, too cute :)

  4. Oh Harriet(sorry if I misspelled your name)this video has made my day !
    Basil is beyond adorable, and the two of you together make for a great duo, so funny and cute :)

    I always love dropping by your blog,

    1. Haha no you spelt it right! :D. Awh thankyouu! He's a little pain but I love him to death. Love your blog too xx

  5. I've wanted a rabbit for so long and now I think I NEED one. Basil is so cute!!

    1. Haha everyone needs a rabbit in their life! :D x