Thursday, 17 May 2012

New Hair?

So I've been contemplating getting my hair cut short for quite a while now.
I don't mean bob length I've been there done that (a million times).
I mean something more like a pixie cut (but not too short!).
The reason for this is that, yes I've wanted long hair for ages and have been growing it for about 3 years.
But to be honest its getting a right pain to handle.
For example, a have to deal with multiple birds nest a day, rag a brush through the thing and it is constantly knotty, not to mention the frizzyness of the beast.
And I'm thinking to myself, well if its this hard to maintain when its this length, what on Earth is it going to be like when it grows longer and longer.
So I'm getting super fed up!
I finish uni in a few weeks and then it will be time for me to open the next chapter to my life.
And I was thinking of starting it with a new short do?
My Mum has always had super curly short hair all her life and it suits her.
And I think I should just bite the bullet and get the damn thing cut.
At the end of the day its only hair and mine grows really fast!
So I'm currently saving up to get it done properly at a salon (I usually have a hairdresser come to my house). 
Ah it's all so exciting!

Onto another thing quickly...
I'm wanting to get a small tattoo, I know what and where. I just need to book it in.
That will be after my exams though!

What do you guys think to a hair cut like Shannyn?

Harriet x 


  1. i keep my hair short and I love Shannyn's cut... messy chic :)... i was never afraid to cut or color my hair... because like you said 'it's only hair' it grows back and why not experiment... so go for it :)

  2. I love it, get it done for suree :)

  3. I think it would look great on you. I recently got my hair cut bob length, it is the shortest I have ever gone (I had hair past my rear mind you) and absolutely love it! Good luck on your exams :) x

  4. Love Shannyn's cut. Think it would look stunning on you! :) xx