Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Rook Piercing

I think piercings can look really stylish on the right person.
Someone adorning a metal face is just a big no no and icky!
I had my tragus pierced at the beginning of October 2010,
it was my first 'proper' piercing,
and I love it!
I'll probably do a blog post on it at some point.

I've seen quite a few people with their rooks pierced and I think it looks fab.
Pain doesn't bother me at all,
I actually like the adrenaline rush you receive when you've just had a piercing,
(Wierdo Alert haha)
The place I go to in Chester is The Piercing Bodz,
I definitely recommend it!
I believe its about £25 which is nothing really considering I would plan on keeping it.
The only issue I would have is that rook piercings can migrate :O
I don't want that to happen >.<

google image

What's your favourite piercing?

UPDATE: I got my rook done.
Here's my blog post on it including pictures: My Rook Piercing


  1. Oh pretty! I want one, too! But the adrenaline rush makes me nearly faint each time I get a piercing done -_-

  2. Eeek, I'm getting mine done soon!

  3. I think industrial piercings look great - due to get one in a few weeks!
    Total wimp when it comes to pain though