Monday, 21 February 2011

Must get Healthy

I'm a sucker for all the bad things,
takeaways, sweets, etc...
I always go through a stage where I become a fitness freak and watch what I eat.
Today I ended up going to an aerobics class with my mum.
Corrr it was hard work.
I use to love sport when I was in school,
due to the fact that it makes you feel good and also I was good at it,
as well as being super competitive.
Netball and badminton were my favourite.
But then I sort of lost interest, my friends stopped playing etc and I didn't want to go by myself.
A lot of girl netball teams can be very bitchy and not very welcoming at all.

So my plans are to become healthier.
I'll be dragging Mick out for a run this weekend, mwahahhaa.

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Harriet x

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  1. Good luck! I'm trying to get fit and healthy at the moment but I'm not having much luck. I just cant bring myself to swap chocolate for fruit and exercise. :( I need some motivation I think, I'm going to try and do a workout dvd tomorrow though x