Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mane N Tail V. FAST (Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner) Before and After Pictures!

Mane N Tail V. FAST (Shampoo and Conditioner)

I've been growing my hair out from a pixie cut for 9 months and to be honest I got fed up of waiting. So I did a bit of research and I came across Mane N Tail and FAST shampoos and conditioners. Both products are meant to keep one's hair healthy as well as achieving a longer/stronger 'do'.

To begin with I started using the Mane N Tail, I ordered this from Ebay and cost me around £8. Both bottles contain 355 ml and lasted me about 2 months. The products themselves were quite basic, they reminded me of Tesco's own brand hair care. They cleaned my hair well, but weren't anything special.

Then I moved onto FAST, I ordered this from Boot's online for £25. These bottles only contain 300 ml and lasted me about a month and a half. I really thought that the FAST would be luxurious due to the steep price tag. Oh how I was so wrong, the shampoo reminded me of washing up liquid and the conditioner wasn't any better. Also it says to use the FAST everyday, no chance, that would strip my hair of all it's natural oils, not good! 

However, since using these products I've had so many compliments from my friends, family and work colleagues. They've all told me that my hair has grown really fast and is looking in good condition. So here's the before and after pictures...

Overall, I am really happy with my hair growth. It has definitely grown A LOT, yay! I'm back onto my nice smelling Aussie products at the moment but I will repurchase the Mane N Tail at some point.

Have you guys tried and of these products? What are your thoughts?
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  1. I've been always curious about the Mane 'n Tail shampoo, but my desire to grow out my hair has come and gone, and I decided not to invest in it.. in the end I don't think I believe the hype :)

  2. you should try lee staffords hair growth treatment:)

  3. wow, it is an amazing result!
    I don't need this kind of products but if I was looking for it, I would really consider this option :)

    You blog is amazing! Loved it! <3


  4. Ive used Mane and Tail before and didnt like it at all, it didnt do anything for my hair whatsoever.. just made it frizzy. Are you taking any oral supplements to make your hair stronger? I highly recommend prenatal vitamins. They make your hair and nails grow like crazy!

  5. Looks great ! I have been following along for the whole ride (my hair is a little shorter than yours. Thanks for the encouraging vids :) Though I do have to say the first picture it would have been better to see the length difference if you detucked it from behind your ears cause that is what makes it look like you have more hair in your second pic.
    It looks amazing nonetheless ! Congrats :D

  6. so what you saying is mane and tail works better than FAST :)

  7. I have been trying to grow my hair out. This is a good review!

  8. This was a 2 month difference? WOW!

  9. Hi what was time between the two pictures? X