Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Steripod Review

Steripod Review *

Keeping my teeth and my toothbrush clean is an absolute must for me. Especially since I have Invisalign braces. Steripod is a toothbrush sanitizer which I hadn't heard about until a few weeks ago. I watched one of Gregory Gorgeous' videos and he showed one of these bad boys in it. 
I never knew this but when someone has a poop and flushes the loo then all the poop particles fly up into the air and land on everything in the near vicinity including your toothbrush head, (vom!). So then in theory your brushing your teeth with poop particles, haha. On top of that, toothbrushes are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria anyway, because they're a little bit damp and provide the best conditions for bacterial growth.
This is where Steripod comes into action. It has a little compound which releases vapours to fight the germs, but is non toxic at the same time. Each pod lasts 3 months and then has to be changed. On top of this it can be used as a case for travelling. Which is really handy for me because I go to my boyfriends a lot at the weekends and now I know that my toothbrush is going to be nice and clean inside a pod rather than be chucked in my bag like it use to.
Also if you 'like' the Steripod's facebook page (here), you get 25% off your first Steripod purchase.

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  1. Wow these are great, definitely want to check them out! This post was actually really interesting thank you :) xx


  2. They are cool little things! x