Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Luxury Winter Wishlist 2012

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My Luxury Winter Wishlist 2012

1. Guerlain Orchidée Impériale New Generation Serum (£305.00)
I've always had stupidly dry skin and because of that moisturiser is one of my biggest friends. However, since I've been blogging I've heard a lot about serums. And in all honesty I've never owned one, although that shall change at some point! I saw this Guerlain serum in it's fancy packaging and I would love to try it out especially since it's priced at over £300, it must work wonders!

2. Givenchy Kabuki Brush (£32.50)
My old Elf flat top kabuki brush is now slowly dying and I'm looking to replace it. This one from Givenchy looks so sophisticated and would work really well with my powder makeup products. I also like that its made by hand and not from a machine. Plus I don't think it's too badly priced at just over £32.

3. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit (£24.00)
This is one raved about product in the beauty community and one which I want to try desperately. I've owned the Mac Studio Finish concealer which I didn't like at all and I believe that this one would be a much better choice for me. Its nice and compact, has a good formula and comes with a setting powder. 

4. MonicaVinader Fiji Gem Bracelet (£195.00) 
I saw a blogger wearing one of these bracelets several months ago and I really liked the design. I'm a sucker for simple jewellery and this would go really well paired with my Michael Kors rose gold watch. This is definitely something I would ask for for my birthday or Christmas.

5. AlexanderMcQueen Silk Chiffon Skull Scarf (£165.00)
I think every loves the McQueen skull scarfs deep down. I personally think they are so classic and timeless and make a boring plain outfit into an edgy one. If it was up to me I would have a wardrobe full of them in all different materials and colours.

6. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner-Cobalt Ink (£17.00)
Another beauty product which has a huge following. I've tried quite a few gel liners now, from Mac to Collection 2000, but I would love to have a play with the Bobbi Brown one. It always seems to be up there with the best and at £17 it's quite well priced.

7. Mulberry Daria Medium Hobo Bag (£595.00)
Oh Mulberry, what I would do to own anything from you. I think this has to be one of my most favourite designer brands. It's so hard to choose between bags but I think I would opt for this Daria bag. I like the boho slouchy feel it has to it. One day I will have you!

8. Mulberry Black Daria Continental Wallet (£250.00)
And to go with my bag I would of course have to have the matching wallet. I love the gold plaque with the Mulberry tree on. To me I think it's quite iconic. Also, the bag and wallet are versatile, they could be used for both day and night, which is something I'm after if I was going to spend lots of money on a piece.

9. AlexanderMcQueen Skull Pashmina (£245.00)
I had to have another McQueen scarf, but this time going that one step further, a pashmina version. What I love about statement scarves is that they can be worn or tied around a bag and still look awesome.

As you can see I don't want much, hehe, if only... now I need to go and win the lottery, no problemo.

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  1. Alexander McQueen and Mulberry are ALWAYS on my wishlists! So many beautiful things :) xx

  2. Ooooh that bracelet! And would NOT complain about the purse... xo