Thursday, 30 August 2012



Here are a few things that I am lusting after right now...

1. Docs: I've had my eye on these for at least a year now but every time I go into a shop to try them on they're super uncomfortable. But when I see someone wearing them they look really stylish. So I was thinking of maybe getting a pair on Ebay where someone has worn them in but still in good condition. If you get me. Also what's the sizing like in these, I'm a 5.5, so should I go for a 6? I donnay have a clue :>.

2. Studded Bra (Romwe): I've seen this on quite a few fashion blogs. I think it's awesome. Don't know if I would have the guts to pull it off.

3. Disco Pants (UK Glamorous): I already have the black ones of these and I adore them. So I definitely want to get my hands on the blue pair.

4. Leather Jacket (Romwe): I love the colour and shape of this jacket. I wear my old one to death so I would like more variation!

5. Galaxy Print Top (Romwe): Fabulous top, love the bold colours in it.

6 and 7. Colour Restore Ice Platinum and Decolour Remover (Boots): I'm always dying my hair, most recently I have gone dark brown. The other day I stumbled across these new products which were made in collaboration with Scott Cornwall, the guy who made Colour B4 (which I love). Anyways, I quickly get bored with my hair and I would love to try the remover. I know that I'll be left with some brassyness to my hair and I've heard that the colour restore ice platinum works a treat. So I guess these products pretty much go hand in hand with one another.


  1. when you first buy a pair of docs, they hurt like a tiny bit but then literally after two or three days they are absolutely fine and are unbelievably comfortable, I wear mine nearly every day because of how comfy they are, but i would deffo get them in a 6 or a 6.5 i'm normally a 5 but I had to get them in like a 6.5, but i deffo recommend them!x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I really need a pair in my life. :D x