Monday, 6 August 2012

Forever 21 - Trafford Centre

So Mick and me decided to have a trip up to The Trafford Centre this weekend. We haven't been in months since he moved away from that area. So I was really looking forward to having a nosey in the shops. Especially the new Forever 21!

I've only ever been to the London and Dublin Forever 21 but they were both amazing. However the one at the Trafford Centre was such a let down. To begin with the shop is so tiny, which I thought would be the case because there is limited space. Secondly, the clothes there were all a bit 'meh'. Nothing really grabbed me and I went around and around making sure I had seen everything. I did try a few tops on but they just weren't working for me. 

Forever 21 cross bracelet £3.90

One good thing I shall say is that they did have some nice pieces of jewellery. 
In the end I only bought 2 things, this bracelet and some 3/4 length black leggings.
Oh well, hopefully they will get better clothes in for A/W. I certainly will not be rushing back there!

On another note the trip wasn't completely wasted. We did have a yummy dinner in Est Est Est and then we went to Ikea. Now that place wasn't a let down. I love Ikea so much. Expect a blog post on the bits I bought :).

Harriet x


  1. what a downer! guess i won't be rushing there when i'm home.

    1. I know! Don't worry your not missing much :) xx

  2. I have a bracelet just like this from Miss Selfridge :)! I'm a bit dissapointed it's a small shop :( the one in Stratford is awesome and same with the Birmingham one!! xx

    1. I really want to go to the Birmingham one! I was so gutted :'< x

  3. I really want to go to trafford centre to see the new shop!!! This bracelet is really nice.
    Amy x

  4. That is such a pretty bracelet!
    Love it.