Monday, 4 June 2012

Tattoo Inspiration

(Images from Tattoologist and Tumblr)

Every time I come across a tattoo I like I always save it in a little folder and have built up quite a collection now. I love discreet and simple tattoos and I am thinking of getting one when I finish Uni. 
I already have one in mind that bares great significance, so I really would love to have it done.
I just need to pluck up the courage (I absolutely hate needles, squirrrrm). 

Do you guys have any tattoos? Any tips? :)

Harriet x


  1. I've always thought of getting a tattoo but don't know where to place it!

  2. About half an hour before you get it done, definitely get some sugar in you - a red bull or sweets will do it! When you have some adrenaline it shouldn't be too painful! I have a little star on my wrist which is a reasonably painful place as its bony - but it was fine :) Love the ankle ones- that would ouch though!!!xx

    1. Ah thanks so much for your comment! :) xx