Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I think some can be a work of art whereas others a just pure hideous.
Not matter what my age, my mum would kill me if I got one.
The only thing preventing me from getting a tattoo is the needle.
I'm so freaked out by needles, uggh!
Whenever I go for blood tests I feel so faint and just want to squirm out of the nurses arms.
But its funny I should say that because when I get a piercing,
the needle used doesn't effect me what-so-ever!

(Images from various tumblrs)

If I was to get one it would be an iddy biddy one, haha.
Something small and one that I could hide easily.
And of course it would have to mean something in the first place.

Do you have any tattoo's? ^^


  1. I don't have any yet but I'm tattooed on two different people! Haha :) xxx

  2. I love tattoo's! But haven't one yet, because of my job :( I would really like one on my wrist or a bit higher on elbow length, but then on the inside of my arm ;). Great blog btw, i'm following ;) X.

  3. Tattoo's really aren't as bad as people make out, I have 3. It's slightly uncomfortable but completely bearable and a week on you wont even remember it! x

  4. I have 3 tattoo's and want more. Each one I've had so far has tickled. I have a very high pain tolerance and I'm very tickleish. I have someone working on designing my next one that I plan to get soon. Each one I have is personal to me.

  5. I have 1 tattoo. Its of a rose and its on my back. Its not easily seen I got it higher that if my top came up. Its funny when people are talking about tattoo's and I say I have one. They just expect it!

  6. I want one too so i feel your pain! ha. I dont want something that everyone has though. i want something that relates to me, or my family...something personal, but im not sure what either. Ive had a few ideas in the past, but always changed my mind. I went to get one once before and bailed when i heard the needle and found out my friend couldnt come in with me! *boo!* but i keep finding gorgeous pics online and deciding that i want one. I dont think many people have parents that are over the moon abot their kids getting tattoos though, but i guess when youre old enough to make your own decissions on things like that, your parents have to respect your idea. :)

    Anyway, i hope you find a nice design and go for it. Youll have to let me know if you bite the bullet! :) xx

  7. I'm actually more afraid of piercings than tattoos LOL! I always almost faint when I get a piercing done but a tattoo is not so bad, I guess it's because the pain is less intense.

    I guess Crystal Light Pure is sold everywhere, from Wal-Mart to groceries. I couldn't find this info on the website, sorry )=

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