Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hair Tools

I love my trusty GHD's and wouldn't swap them for the world

but after watching Pixi2woo's video I really would love to try the 

BaByliss 2337U Wave Envy Hair Styler. 

It looks super easy to use and gives the most natural waves I've ever seen!
It is priced around £50 so this will definitely have to go on my wish list.

I also don't actually own any curling tongs,
my hair is naturally curly/wavey but not in a good way!
More messy then anything.
I love the VS curls which are created by these,
using straighteners is just annoying.
Plus the Mark Hill ones have a snazzy design.

I'll definitely buy these eventually but I'm not too desperate just yet,
waiting on my hair to be that little bit longer. :)

Have any of you guys tried any decent hair tools that you would recommend?

1 comment:

  1. I have an FHI straightener. It works amazingly well. You should try it out. The GHD sounds amazing as well.