Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Braces and Invisalign

My teeth were wonky when I was a child because I use to suck my finger and therefore it pushed my two front teeth outwards. I had a brace when I was 13-16, it wasn't a train track but sort of like a retainer brace.
Pretty Naff really. At that age I wasn't really arsed about how I looked. Also my orthodontist didn't stress about the importance of wearing your retainer. Since your teeth constantly move throughout your life.
So there was little me not really fused and so thought that my treatment was up and my teeth would stay straight forever. Oh Noes. They have become stupidly wonky again. So all that time and effort was for nothing. I am obsessed with teeth, every time I look at someone I will notice their teeth straight away.
Now, I think its so important to have a nice smile. Your teeth are constantly on show, talking, smiling etc. So therefore I have decided to get Invisalign. I'm 20 years old, I don't want another metal mouth for another 1-2 years of my life. You don't even notice when someone has Invisalign, it just looks like their normal teeth. Obviously because I'm older this time I will have to pay for my treatment. I've been quoted £3000.
I have no confidence, I'm so aware that my teeth are overlapping and wonky. And it really makes me unhappy. The sooner I start the treatment the better.
I can't wait to come out of this, hopefully with a new smile.
I've also been thinking of getting whitening when my treatment is complete,
but thats a long while off yet. (hahha me getting ahead of myself.)
For some people its about having big boobs or no wrinkles etc,
for me its all about the teef!

Hattie x

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  1. Are you having it just on your upper teeth? How long will it take? x

  2. @Amy I've been to one consultation and they said that they would have to do both upper and lower teeth.

    However, there's another place in town that offers to do either top or bottom or both. I plan on getting treatment just for the upper teeth.

    My teeth are just slightly overcrowded but not severe. I believe it will take a year. I'll write up another updated blog post when I know for sure! x

  3. Before I had braces my teeth were awful, since my mouth was massively overcrowded. Ive had 10 teeth out total (no word of a lie!) and suffered through 3 years of braces.

    Then I didn't wear my retainer -_- Not back to where I started, but my teeth arent as perfect as they could be.

    So yeah, I totally feel your pain on this one. I hope the new treatment works for you, because I completely agree that teeth are more important than big boobs and no wrinkles! :)

  4. I have looked in to these and read mixed reviews some people have said they are quite noticeable obv not as much as braces are tho, will look forward to reading your experience

    Laura x

  5. Im the same! It was the thing I hated so its the first thing I notice on someone else.
    I had braces for 14months (train track style at 24)!!! I had to have 2 teeth removed at the bottom. Im now 26 and my teeth are what I always wanted! I had to wear invisalign style retainers at night for a year after.
    Go for it! would love to see your progress & thoughts through out :)

  6. its totally worth the money teeth arent everything but everyone notices a smile! there are other options than just the one you said though so make sure you do your research xxxx

  7. I guess I'm lucky haveing straigh teeth.. though they are not completely straight. if you look clsoely they stick a little bit out. But it's funny I think my teeth are still the shape they were when I was younger and really round..

  8. ive been looking into getting this done but need to speak to them about various playments plans as i cant splash out on much money atm. looks so so worth it though !

  9. When I was a child I was on the nhs waiting list to get braces but never made it to the top of the list then when I turned 18 they said I was too old and I got taken off the list! So I saved up my money and got a brace when I was 21. I looked into getting those invisalign ones but there were a lot of downsides to having them. My orthodontist showed me some ceramic ones and they were ideal but so expensive! In the end I just went for the normal metal ones, I was sooo scared about looking stupid at 21 with a metal mouth but just went for it and the results have been completely amazing, I never thought my teeth could look so good! I would recomended you get the ceramic ones if you can afford to. Whatever you decided I'm sure you will be so happy with the results!