Sunday, 30 June 2013

follow Hattie's Hideaway on Bloglovin'

Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st 2013 and that certainly has an impact on us little bloggers. I stopped using Goggle Reader a few years ago and switched to Bloglovin'. I found it a lot easier to keep up with my favourite blogs. So if you like my blog and would like to keep following me then hop on over to Bloglovin'. It's super easy to set up and to help you guys out, here's some instructions on how to transfer your existing blog list across. Hope this helps and I shall see you on the other side! :)
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  1. Already following :-) I hope people don't' loose too many readers!

  2. i love your title design!! xx peach

  3. Following you! Love your blog, please feel free to follow mine?

    Also how do you get the links to be highlighted in light blue like yours when you hover over them?

    Thank you, Hayley x x