Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pixie Cut Update - 5 Months

Soooo my fro is growing, though be it very slowly (it seems to take forever!). If you guys don't know, I'm on a mission to grow out my pixie cut. I'm still glad that I got my hair cut short because I've always wondered what it was like to have short hair and now I know! Anyways, after about 2 months I decided that I wanted longer hair, so fast forward another 5 months and this is where I'm at. I get trims every 6-7 weeks, just to keep it healthy and I get the back bit at the bottom cut super short, as this tends to grow like a muddafudda and look real stupid.

Recently I've just been using a standard shampoo and conditioner (whatever is on offer) and then apply some Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment when it's been towel dried, and well that's pretty much it. I was using Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment but that was a couple of months back. I, however, have just popped onto Ebay and bought me sen some Mane-n-Tail shampoo and conditioner. I can't wait to start using it as I've heard so many good reviews. I will let you guys know my thoughts on that at a later date!

I'm also fed up of being brown, ughhh! I did try going back to my natural dark blonde/light brown colour but that was one big massive epic fail. So once I get it to all one length and into a somewhat bob style I shall be going back blonde, hurrah!

Do you guys recommend anything for speedier hair growth?
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  1. I think it looks gorgeous how it is, but of course if you want it longer, go for it! Only really beautiful people can pull off short hair, I think ;)

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