Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Michael Kors Purse

I bought my first designer purse the other week, yay! This was a total impulse buy, eep. I was at the Cheshire Oaks Outlet and so happened to walk into the Michael Kors shop. I was just having a goosey gander and I came across this purse. It's made from real leather and has rose gold hardware. What more could a girl want! I thought "ahhh, what the heck", you only live once, so I bought it. A few hours later, I got in my car ready to drive off and I thought to myself, I better just check to make sure they had given me the right one. And well I never, they didn't!. They gave me a grey one, so off I popped back to the shop to get the actually one I had ordered, bah. Now all I want is a sexy black Mulberry Effie to go with it. Ohhhhhh.
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  1. It's so gorgeous and absolutely timeless. I love Michael Corrs so much!

  2. That purse is so beautiful!

    Rebekah x

  3. So pretty I have my eye on a gorgeous hot pick Ted Baker one, fingers crossed :-)