Saturday, 19 January 2013

Decolour Hair Colour Remover Review

 I'm on a mission to get my hair back to it's natural colour which is a light brown/dark blonde. So I thought I'd buy the Decolour Hair Colour Remover, as it only gets rid of the artificial colour in the hair.

The process was easy to follow and quite similar to Colour B4. Mixing lotions and potions, applying it to the hair, yada yada. Then I put some cling film on my bonnet. At first I didn't think anything was working as my hair was still really dark after about 25 minutes with the remover on it. Then I thought I'd best apply heat and hope for the best. The heat sped things up nicely and you could see it lightening up. I had the remover on for about 40 ish minutes and decided to go wash it off and apply step 3.

After that I applied Colour Restore Cool Ash to my towel dried hair. This is suppose to banish rusty, copper and orange tones in coloured hair. Well I think it may have done something but it didn't get rid of the brassyness completely.

And here are the results...

My hair was highlighted blonde before I put the dark red/brown dye on it. That's why I ended up with brassy blonde-ish hair. Also 1 box only just covered my short hair, which is pretty pathetic! So if you have longer hair you might have to fork out for about 3 boxes.

Have you guys tried any hair dye removers?
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