Sunday, 23 December 2012

work's do

I went to my work's do last night which was at Chester Racecourse, a 3 course dinner with magicians, a disco and lots of booze. I knew I wanted to wear this dress* because it's just so blimin' gorgeous. However I had nothing else to go with it, so I made a last minute dash into town to try and find a bag and shoes. The satin bag was from Debenhams and matches the dress perfectly. The shoes on the other hand were a massive pain in the arse! There's absolute crap in the shops at the mo, so my options were very limited. I find it really hard to shop for heels because I'm a 5.5, so 6's are too big and 5's are too small. I first bought a pair of nude heels, no idea why because they were massive. So had to quickly go out again and get them refunded whilst trying to find a suitable pair of shoes. In the end I stumbled across these which were from Wallis (a shop I never go into!). And they were just perfect and on sale too! I was so made up :D. The night was so much fun and I didn't have a hangover this morning, result!
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  1. You must of looked gorgeous! Love the all of the outfit! xxxx

  2. THis looks like it would be gorgeous! Those shoes are insane xo

  3. Those shoes are gorgeous, would have never guess they were from Wallis ;-)