Saturday, 6 October 2012

Review: Sleek Blush by Three Palette - Lace

 Sleek Blush by Three Palette - Lace

I am so unbelievably happy to have this little palette in my life. It's never been in stock in my local Superdrug whenever I have checked. So I pretty much gave up and just told myself I'd never get my mitts on it. Then last weekend I thought I'd check out the Sleek stand and walaa, there were lots of blush by three palettes just waiting there. I frantically looked for Lace and to my relief they had plenty! I grabbed one and headed to the till.
All three colours are beautiful and well pigmented. I know that Crochet will look really nice in the winter to give that flush of colour to the cheeks. Guipure is my favourite, its absolutely stunning, and very shimmery which I really like, especially when you have a tan. Chantilly is nice, I think I will layer this over my Mac Optimistic Orange. I have currently been using my Mac 188 to apply these blushes, since they are so pigmented you only need a little and this brush picks up and deposits just enough colour.

This palette retails for £9.99 which is such a bargainous price for three awesome blushes, so if you do happen to see this in the shops don't hesitate, because you will regret it later! I really want to try the other Blush by Three  palettes out now :).
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  1. guipure is absolutely stunning! amazing swatches :)