Thursday, 4 October 2012

new shoes

new shoes

I was at Cheshire Oaks at the weekend and both my boyfriend and I love the Timberland store. So we went into have a nosey like you do. I had seen some boots that I liked previously but they were no where to be seen. But then I came across these little leather boat shoes.

I definitely wasn't on the look out for boat shoes in the slightest but these caught my eye. I haven't owned a pair in yonks but my Mum and Dad wear them all time. Also the two girls in the shop were wearing the same pair and they looked really nice. I decided I was going to have a think about it and walked around the other shops, including the CCO (hehe ;)).
But as per usual I just can't help myself, and I ended up buying them. What I love about Timberland is that they do half sizes, and I'm a 5.5. So these fit perfectly. They are black suede on the sides and black leather on the upper parts with a white sole. They're such a simple piece but will go with so many outfits. And they only cost £30 down from £50, so I was well chuffed.
I did wear them yesterday and they gave me blisters but I know as soon as I break them in they're be super comfy. Hopefully we won't have a horrendous A/W so I will be able to get some wear out of them!

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