Thursday, 7 June 2012

My Pixie Hair Cut

 Hello All!
I got my hair did today.
I'll start off by apologising for the lack of photos. The reason behind this is that Benefit Porefessional has made me break out so bad, all over my nose and cheeks and it is rather depressing to look at!
So I will take my pictures when my skin has cleared up a little! I will post my video though below so you can still get the jist!

So my appointment was at 12:15pm at The Francesco Group in Chester.
I arrived nice and early and nervous as hell.
(I haven't been to a salon since I was 3! and I'm nearly 22! A was a right noob to say the least).
I had my consultation and showed the inspiration pictures.
My hairdresser was really nice and he spent 4 hours, yes 4 FREAKIN' HOURS, on my fro.
To be honest, it was a complete restyle and I have such thick hair.
I got the usual wash, cut, blowdry and style.

My friend gave me a £10 refer a friend voucher so it actually only came to £37 rather than £47.
So I got such a good deal!

I'm so happy with it and I keep looking in the mirror and feeling it :D
I feel like Emma Watson lol.

edit: here's a better photo :)

Harriet x


  1. look nice:)


  2. I love it!! So gorg!

    I like the colour it is now but the box colour also looks really nice.


  3. I love your new hair, it looks gorgeous and really suits you!
    I agree you should stay lighter for Summer so that your natural highlights come out and then go darker for Winter, both will definitely suit you though! xx

  4. looks very nice on you

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  5. oh wow, I love short hair, takes balls to cut it all off from long, so well done for going through with it! It really suits you x

    - ordaining serendipity